R. Kelly Alleged Sex Slave Joycelyn Savage Vacations without R. Kelly | TMZ

Joycelyn Savage, one of R. Kelly's alleged brainwashed sex slaves, is looking a lot more free … while getting some R&R … way cross country from from R. Kelly.


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    • Ryte like damn how they know i was here or where i was gone be someone tip them off for money to TMZ she aint thinking about her parents all she care about is R.Kelly lifestyle and what he can do for her but if he go to prison she better look for another sugar daddy prev

  1. She look scared…Her voice cracking and all.This is all staged,Kelly let her out because of what’s going on now…

  2. Damn this is so concerning. Look at the way she kept saying I’m just out here in LA shopping and visiting friends, and he’s in Chicago….woah

    • Visiting family and friends, but can’t visit her Parents and sisters. And why haven’t the family that she visited in L A came forward to say that they had seen her?

    • She’s being held I think that’s juice beside her the one that trains the girls

    • Also why aren’t the family members she’s so called visiting with her out shopping and having fun…this girl doesn’t look happy to me

  3. I’m not buying this act. R. Kelly set her free for a few days, called the paparazzi, told the paparazzi where she was, and the paparazzi asked her questions. This is to make R. Kelly look innocent. This is a stunt and totally planned.

    • Even if that was the case, SHE WAS FREE, SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO RETURN TO CHICAGO, SHE COULD’VE STAYED IN CALIFORNIA AND TOLD THE POLICE THAT SHE WAS BEING HELD CAPTIVE AND ASKED FOR HELP.. But instead she enjoyed her “free time” then returned.. That sounds like a choice to me.. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. “Yes im vacationing and he is Chicago…you know vacationing and he is in Chicago…You know vacationing” so scripted they both look nervous as hell

  5. This seems to be a set-up. First of all, she’s not a celebrity, so how did they know that that was Joycelyn behind the shades? Secondly, she doesn’t even seem surprised to be stopped by these strange cameramen. OAN Her nose isn’t even the same as it was in previous videos; looks like her nose may have been broken or something.

    • +Vivica Henry yes, I agree. She is the one her friend said was made to dress like a boy. I think she is out of his camp now. So disturbing.

    • You’re right, tmz and other papparazzo have been proven to be plcalled upon it paid by certain celebrities to show up and talk to them. Happens all the time.

    • Right im looking at her nose like what the WHAT…I KNOW SHE GOT HER BREAST ENHANCED.

    • You seriously sit and ponder these things? Your president could be a russian agent engaging in espionage. Russian intelligence specifically set out to destroy black culture. Wake up!

  6. Visiting family….that’s all I needed to hear. LIE. Her family all over tv they can’t reach her, see her, speak to her. How did this man find her when her only family can’t find her. Setup

    • peachy williams I said he same thing. How your visiting family when your family is looking for you.

    • That reporter asking all the wrong questions… 🤦🏾‍♀️ he should’ve ask what family you visited? If you’re not being held against your will call your parents. Or why haven’t you visited your parents? Etc etc could’ve dig deeper she would’ve got caught up..

  7. “Surviving R Kelly” brought me here !!! And look at Domonique, her mom was looking for her.. She look so NERVOUSSSS omg 😭😭 R Kelly is a demon

    • kane Fatima I would give “daddy ‘s little freak” its by an anonymous person.. Jeronda basically already told what her book was about during interviews, and so did Kitti.. But that anonymous girl book is juiiccccy and VERY detailed!!

    • Look at Dominique, looking scared as hell,. And look at her hair they said Kelly made her cut, smdh to punish her. Well now that we know he’s in the closet he made her cut her hair so that when he’s having sex with her he can fantasize that it’s a dude he’s freaking on sad just sad.

  8. Surviving R. Kelly brought me here. I never noticed the fear in Dominque’s face when I previously viewed this video

  9. Who’s here after watching Dominiques courageous and fearless, strong mother fight to get her daughter back on “Surviving R Kelly “

  10. Dominique looks hella scared she doesn’t even wanna look at the camera man smh 😢also did anyone notice when the camera man spoke bout RKELLY drugging an giving the 19yr old an std Dominique rubs her chin maybe she knew exactly what an who he was talking bout 😔lord please save them all watch over guide an protect yur children😔🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  11. See how the girl Dominque has on a Chicago Bulls hat and on the documentary one of the girls stated he liked that team so that’s the team she had to like

  12. TMZ did not “ bump into her” and would not have recognized her.😂. They were asked to meet and film her “out shopping carefree.”

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