Rap Groupie Celina Powell Arrested, Bounty Hunter Hurls N-Word in Bust

Celina Powell — who's accused rappers like Offset, Snoop Dogg, and others of cheating and/or knocking her up — is currently in a jail cell thanks to bounty hunters … one of whom shamelessly dropped the n-word during the bust … TMZ has learned.


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    • 6ix9ine grew up around blacks, it’s part of his vocabulary because of it. You think this redneck grew up around blacks? Be real

    • +JoshSoScrewedUp713 caught it’ where im from too southern cali in person its like they actually bond better wit u lol like you they brother or they homie dont matter

    • BuddaH LoC riighhhhtttt because he isn’t WHITE people dont give af if he use it … smh at this world we live in man

  1. Why? TMZ got this out quick they work with the Fed’s police no doubt. NOT ONLY THAT ‘’69’’ BABY’S MOM JUST GOT HER ACCT DELETED AGAIN AK SCARED WHAT THESE GILR’S KNOW ABOUT HIM.

    • +blaise gordon we not black people learn your history, we not even Africans, people confused.

    • +Jordan Greene na buddy. White ppl only say it (in this context) when they know there’s little to no consequence involved. he’s been getting away with it since before this video. Also it doesn’t call for “screaming” , a simple “don’t call me that bro” works too

    • Didacus do you not think this is a punishment right now 😂 not every punishment has to be immediate

  2. I know Akademiks is punching the air so hard right now. Angelica is probably about to go live soon just to gloat.

  3. What did he gain from treating her like that? How do you end up looking worse than the person you’re bounty hunting?

  4. Black guy is the biggest sell out of 2018.
    Even the girl in the handcuffs was trying to stick up for him.
    Does he need a job that bad to forget who he is?
    It seems he has heart by not tasing the girl even though the redneck wanted him too……he should have turned the gun
    On the redneck and make it his own poetic justice.

    • attaist yep he should’ve got his self Locked up so he could prove a point and miss out on feeding his family by making that cash 💰 …🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Cancer Survivor26 that it just a assumption that he has a family to feed.
      I was going by facts of what I see in the video from beginning to end.
      No man or women should be ridicule through ignorance and hatred,
      Especially if they’re just doing their job.
      If he had a family to feed, at least he can go home with his head high
      Knowing who he is, instead of grinning and just taking it and to teach his children
      to never do the same.
      That’s worth a whole lot more than money…………trust me I think you know that,
      And congratulations on surviving.

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