Rap Legend YoYo Says R. Kelly’s Crew Slipped Her Daughter His Phone Number

YoYo is still reeling from something that happened with R. Kelly sometime ago when she went to his recording studio with her daughter and the singer's people slipped her daughter his phone number.


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  1. Trolling. She sounds dumb. Why would he ask you if he can talk to your daughter? Whats different from a guy in the club passing your grown daughter his number.

    • Stop trying to ignore the obvious. You know exactly what she’s saying and what she means by that.

    • Dude he’s like 50. And like she said Rkelly didn’t even know her again I’m sure he wouldn’t have cared if she was 17.

    • The point is this . R Kelly tried to talk to her daughter behind her back and I would be upset. He is in total violation. Period but you wouldnโ€™t know this because you probably donโ€™t have children. No matter you go into protection mode with your kids no matter the age,

    • The problem is he didn’t know her age. Had he asked instead of sneaking he would have known she was of aged. Good thing she was use to being around celebrities and was not star struck.

    • Grown are not who would really want their 21 year old with a 50 year old diseased pervert controlling their daughter?

  2. The moral of the story is R Kelly didnโ€™t act alone,his crew played a part. Iโ€™m not bashing R Kelly but at the same time,Iโ€™m not going to disrespect Yo Yo… โœŒ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽงDj Vegas

  3. You mean you didn’t say cause you child said Mom don’t say nothing n you did nothing๐Ÿค”

    • You must be a millennial lol. This is YoYo ” Don’t Try to Play Me Out” one of my favorite joints. Google her first Hun.

  4. She is an adult!!!!! As a wise man once said, the enemy will be on both sides of the argument instigating. It’s obvious TMZ and all the rest of the owners of the media WHOM DOES NOT LOOK LIKE R KELLY will continue to stir the pot and conflate truth and lies to the point of exhaustion so you won’t know what he’s being convicted of. You will just accept him as guilty. The issue should only be girls 17 and under and that’s it!

  5. Some of yโ€™all donโ€™t see the problem…. as a parent you would like to keep the closeness and bond with your child at any age…. and here comes this man that is so insecure as a man that his first move is the cut that girl woman or child ( makes no difference to Robert) off from her family or anyone that is on the outside looking in to talk some sense into her and brake that bond ppl are just looking at age…. and not his actions….. you have to ask to eat or go to the bathroom canโ€™t talk or look at anyone thatโ€™s no man …..that is a zookeeper….. smh if you can get off as a man laying on top of a child something is most definitely wrong with you

    • The problem is he did it secretly meaning his agenda was up to no good…He could have said you have a nice looking daughter how old is she YoYo…But only a creep would do what he did.

  6. I, and a lot of fans knows Yo Yo’s daughter’s age, remember when she got pregnant, so it’s safe to say that Kelly’s Camp knew that Tiffany was at least twenty one, however, she is a Baby to R. Kelly, but still there is no difference from anyone else slipping her their Number. This is what’s disconcerting to me: The Title of this Post make it seems as if Kelly’s Camp slipped the Number to a Minor, which is not true, so Yo Yo comes off as another Mother accusing Kelly of being a Pedophile, when he did nothing wrong; SMH.

  7. Good to yoyo speak out on her experience with R.Kelly and one of the ways on how he’s able to on the low-key give them his number.

  8. It’s the way that it was done forget her age…. if she was 15 or 16 she still woulda got the number. His whole crew on some BS.

  9. Sheโ€™s over 21 I quite sure he knew that smh gurl bye she over 21 what are we talking about

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