Rob Schneider Says He Was Sexually Harassed by Director, Harvey Weinstein’s Not Only One | TMZ

Rob Schneider wants to make one thing clear about Harvey Weinstein — the mogul is no lone wolf, and Rob knows it because he too was sexually harassed by a director.


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Rob Schneider Says He Was Sexually Harassed by Director, Harvey Weinstein's Not Only One | TMZ


    • All those sexual abusers shall go to slavery and we free one slave for everyone of those … what do you think ?

    • katePlays why? What did he say? I heard a man say “hey look at me I’m a victim & relevant, …i think. But i wont name a name that wouldn’t be FAIR” ..So i see another complicit jew involved in jewery trying to hoodwink the gullible public, because that’s what ge does, he ACTS

    • vanilaoryza yeah, another jewish lier, recalling uncle shlomo having him crawl around on the floor & being complacent with the jewery everyone bitches about but dares not call it what it really is

    • It’s all about balance of power. People are vulnerable in all sorts of situations, regardless of gender or age. I guarantee every female I know has a story of sexual harassment, to varying degrees. And most people don’t have any sympathy for victims, especially if they are male.

    • sparky thekid exactly. The same goes for physical/mental abuse. Men don’t speak up about that because they are ashamed and embarrassed.
      Plus they probably figure Who is going to believe it?
      I knew One Guy I saw it first hand. And She had the audacity to call the Police on Him! She even tore her own shirt and slapped herself in the face a couple of times. I’ve never seen this type of crazy before! She was swearing and screaming at him until the cops showed up… As if a switch went off She started crying hysterically telling my cousin “please just leave.” the cops came in one talked to her and the other to my cousin. They ended up putting handcuffs on my cousin and started to read him his rights!!?
      I said “wait a minute! I was a witness to what took place here. You have his story and you have her story. Would you like to know the actual Truth or do I have to call my lawyer. As far as I’m aware of You The Police Officers are supposed to take down any Statements of any Witnesses. Am I correct in that assumption”?
      They said “Yes. We weren’t aware that you were actually here when the incident took place. We will need your statement. Thank you.”
      My Cousin did not go to jail that night and the handcuffs were removed. The Officer’s both apologized to him. Although it really wasn’t their fault.
      Now I wanted Her arrested. My cousin had marks all over him. However it’s a Women’s World. Even with all these marks and scratches all over his body they couldn’t arrest Her. He didn’t call 911 when he had a chance. They felt it was him acting on retaliation.
      Total BS

  1. Rob is the light of reason right now. People are acting like this situation is a “horrible exception” when it’s more like the norm in HW (and many other industries). The Coreys (Haim/Feldman) have told everyone their story the longest time ago about HW execs abusing young boys (and probably girls), taking advantage of CHILDREN, and yet NOTHING has been done about it.

    • Gio Simmer yeah, I thought that story was going to enlighten everyone, but the brakes were put on. Start again!

    • Sophia ain’taclasscuck all that πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°you either have or hope to have causes some disgusting behaviors.

    • This is obviously written by a queer with am axe to grind. If what he says is true than why the explosion of female teachers abusing young male students ? Plenty of predators all the way around

  2. Corey Feldman should get a medal, he’s been talking about this behavior forever and treated like he and his old buddy Haim were trouble makers and crazy…not so crazy now πŸ˜‰ The secret will be now? One time, first time, each time, everyone that it has ever happened to, boy, girl, man or woman or whatever a PERSON identifies with, should speak up about these predators…crack Hollywood right open…

    • True. It was sad how they crucified him but you could clearly see that he was touched. Even in “Dream a little dream” he started to become undone during his acting.

    • charles austin – I appreciate that he was probably in pain but, he bullied and stole my lunches off my lap when I was in a wheelchair. It got so bad I had to take lunch in the nurses office. Corey is a cocky show off and was a bully but, I do believe his statements on assault. It’s been mentioned in low whispers for decades.
      Do I like the guy, No. Do I think he’s crazy, No. Do I think what he’s been say what happened to him and Haim, Yes.

    • +Lorrie Moore Im sorry he put you through that.I would imagine at this age he would apologise if he could and wouldnt want someone doing that to his kids or some other children or teens that suffer from physical or verbal abuse of any kind

  3. Most Hollywood producers and agents are gay. The abuse of male actors is equal to that of women.

  4. This has been going on for years remember the two Coreys saying they were sexually abused for years but they’ve been kinda ignored by Hollywood because they’re not so famous anymore.

    • The Coreys were ignored because they are male. Media do not care about male sexual abuse victims.

  5. On Twitter, James Van Der Beek also said he had a situation with a director that has since then passed away, I wonder if it’s the same man.

    • You really don’t get it, do you. The reason he has such a serious look on his face is he thinks this is important. Talking about it is not fun for him.

  6. speaking about revealing the dirty truth about Hollywood…when are you gonna tell the truth about the “females” A-list actresses that are TRANNIES?

  7. In other words, Hollywood doesn’t give a damn about you being a ‘Jew’. They harass and run over everyone.

  8. *Yet he didn’t mention names because that abuser is still protected by those in control therefore the media won’t touch him…*

    • Tee D im a guy and if I was ever sexually Harassed which is highly unlikely but if it was to happen….I’d literally stab his/her genitals repeatedly….. Your a fucking cornball “he was nice to me” he was right to rape you smh u liked it therefore it wasn’t rape u coward ….don’t be sharing those types of stories SMH

  9. I find it Ironic that nobady cared until it was young women being abused. Corey Feldman and many other male actors came forward and said they too were sexually assaulted and the media and Hollywood was silent. Nickelodeon to this day employs Brian Peck to work on shows with minor children and you good parents allow your kids to watch it. Shame on everyone that didn’t care about the boys being sexually abused. It does happen to men and far far more than people know because other so called masculine men like to laugh and shame the victim. That’s oky, there is a special place in hell for the people that think like that.

    • Yeah, but the LAPD dropped the investigation on Corey’s claims yet again. Young WOMEN, that doesn’t matter much. I’m with the victims of course but how many women Weinstein is said to have harassed or raped? Take from that number a few, the liars. Weinstein (A Jew), Cosby (Black), Spacey (Gay). Now i’d love to see the names of Heterosexual pedophiles come out for a change (The crime is still vile, gay or not) cuz god knows there’s a lot of them but since Corey Feldman was a kid (in the 80s) only men like Michael Jackson, Jeffrey Jones, Victor Salva have been coming out as pedophiles, yet they’re all gay men. Where are the others? Still protected? That’s what they should focused on exposing too.

    • donrainesoh, Nobody has cared that young women have been abused for decades, nor children, male or female. The world has known about the casting couch forever and they kept doing it, the latest, no-name starlet who outed Weinstain wouldn’t have been believed if other BIG name movie stars hadn’t backed her up…and that’s what it takes….people in POWER to DO SOMETHING or none of these mofos go down…and believe me, there is many more.

      I love Quentin Tarantino and he knew of at least TWO women Weinstein had sexually assaulted and he said nothing, because the pig gave him all his breaks and backed all his movies. Evil prevails when good men do nothing!…and in my books it makes them part of the problem and equally to blame.

    • + at the risk of sounding racist, which i’m not, Corey Feldman is Jewish and no matter what name you drop as your molester, they won’t take you seriously. Rose McGowan was first to accuse Weinstein publicly this year, not a Jewish woman that followed. The cops don’t care as long as a non-jewish actor doesn’t accuse a Gay guy (Spacey), a jew (Weinstein), a black guy (Cosby). Then they’ll fall. Hetero, white, christian? Try accusing that.

  10. I believe it was John Hughes when Rob Schneider was in Home Alone 2.
    Schneider said it was before he was famous, around the time of Home Alone 2.
    John Hughes directed Home Alone 2, and is very famous.
    John Hughes has since passed away.
    Home Alone 2 takes place in a hotel.

    • Only thing is, John Hughes didn’t direct it. Also, if it was Hughes, there’s been other people to make allegations against Hughes. It would be better for the police and other victims if it was Hughes for him to come forward to help support a body of evidence.

      This is one of the things that bugs me when people refuse to say names. A case of “rapist vs single victim” is hard to prove. But a case of “rapist vs multiple victims” is far easier. I wish more people would come out and name the damn names as it’ll help others to do so.

      I’d go one step further. I think there should be mandatory reporting (to the police) of all known sexual assault – be it victims or 3rd parties.

    • The only way the public will know is if Schneider lets it out.
      You’re right, some people can still be holding this inside of them about such and such director and they won’t say something unless Schneider speaks up.

    • He said it was A director, so not necessarily THE director of whichever film it was.

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