1. him and lloyd were smart enuff not to sell there soul…& there both under rated…thats wht sucks about the music industry. yu have to be programmednto be successful

    • ShaydeSays Right like damn he just said his opinion, and how he felt. I wish more men, had his mindset. He’s very humble and well rounded.

  2. Wow this is crazy, why keep trying to come at him because you got caught in your personal memories. I that Sammie seems to be a Strong Black King he will find his helpmate one day. I like his maturity, she did know how to take him. Keep God First Sammie do your thing. Also I agree with him, we as woman should be wives.

  3. This chick is disappointing. When he talked about taking responsibility she made every excuse not to. Which is he is not in the situation he is saying he would like to change and she is in the situation. Take your power.

    • Maurice Stowers Stowers she’s a hoodrat not that really smart don’t know why TMZ hire her I guess it’ll for diversity

    • Alexis Living she definitely felt judged and took personally the standards he set for himself. Too bad.

    • Yes she’s mad about her past transgressions and trying to play Sammie because he set standards for himself. SMH. She’s has a long way to go in doing interviews.

  4. She let her personal feelings get the best of her in the interview. He made sense and she bitter

    • Great comment. Very true, she did. He made complete sense. He was trying to share a message about accountability. That’s all he was trying to do.

    • Roderika Mack I agree 👌🏽 I literally felt the same thing lol I’m like woah 😮 I appreciate single moms but I’m sure she’d made a better decision if she knew the outcome.

  5. I’m hearing nothing but facts coming from this man. It’s unfortunate that she has an agenda so she’s trying to find any watt trip him up. I wish him nothing but success!

  6. I’m 31 I don’t have children why can’t I meet a guy who thinks like me, I refuse to become a “baby momma” I wanna be married have children , bathe my man, cook him a caribbean dinner once a week, and grease his scalp Saturday nights

  7. Sammie seems like a very smart young man, his mother should be so proud of him. Very mature and articulate he seems like a good man.

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