Suspect Named in Nipsey Hussle Murder Case and Arrest Warrant Issued | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Cops think they have the guy who murdered Nipsey Hussle … because they just named him as a suspect and apparently have issued an arrest warrant. Our law enforcement sources tell TMZ, at the time of this post they have not located Holder who goes by the street name "Shitty."


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    • Whoever did it I’ve spoke to people who were there they said it’s him so we will see if it’s not him the people who were there know and will let the ones know who they need to

    • +WattsUpDev first it’s a store anyone can be in there and him tellin him to leave cause he “snitched” is wrong. And he was talking that gang talk so he wasn’t doing enough to prevent his death. Never said he deserved it but it’s part of the life

    • Eddie N he owned the plaza, that’s private property (that includes parking lots) i.e. his property, legally can tell anyone to leave for any reason. So you are wrong about that.
      The suspect being a toxic and radioactive person, would have drawn unwanted danger around his establishment/customers/family and friends. You are also being presumptive and prejudice accusing him of being a casualty from involvement in criminal activity. I’m truly sorry you feel the way you do about a man you never knew.

    • +Eddie N actually I hate to break it to you but stores have the right to refuse service to ANYONE and can ask ANYONE to leave the premises. Also you did imply the guy may have deserved to die with your comments. News flash sicko no human being has the right to take another human beings life for any reason what so ever. What kind of mentally unstable person are you to make excuses for a killer?

    • +Brian word bro i passed by yesterday morning and there was another crime scene two blocks down! They already retaliated .

    • +Ebony Watts
      Exactly you said it girl when these ppl gon wake up and realize all they doing is continuing the cycle.

    • J ONE the streets don’t care about anyone els😂😂🤡🤡 everyone for themselves

  1. Dude is a marked man…He’s either ignorant n trying to make a run for it or he’s already commited suicide.

  2. It had nothing to do with the music video. They fed TMZ that bullish*t so people would watch it when its released.

  3. And they say it’s the white man I should fear
    But it’s my own kind doin’ all the killin’ here – 2Pac

    • Us black people always want to blame white people for are behavior or problems.

  4. Never heard of Nipsey, but I wish his family and friends the best! After searching google, it’s good to read he was positive thinking and was working on a documentary.

  5. Lol Eric Holder ? Them gangs are gonna go after the former attorney general !

  6. RIP Nippsy. Prayers to his family.. Smollett has 16 felonies dropped by the legal system and Gov, and then Nippsy who is trying to make a positive change and using his platform to do it, is gunned down..

  7. Having the name “Shitty” definitely participates with your Emotional self worth and morality! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Let the streetz get him. Let that rat get his head chopped off!!!💯Run Boy Run. You can run but cant hide. Sooner or later GODs gonna cut you down⏳🙏🏽💯

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