Mary J Blige Supports Cardi B Getting Album of the Year at BET Awards | TMZ

Some folks were upset Cardi B won Album of the Year at the BET Awards — but not Mary J. Blige … whose opinion MIGHT just matter more than yours.


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  1. Congratulation🎶💰💯💰 to the legend Mary J…shout out to ..🎶💯💯💰💰
    cardi B.. congratulations 💯YouTube (MSPSONNY) music 🎼 video’s 📹from..Dallas Texas..He Fire 🔥🔥💯💯💰🎶🔥

  2. God (in heaven) bless you cardi b. Cardi b has a personality different from others but noone is forced to be like her.

  3. haven’t watched the BET award since around 2007-08ish. I didn’t even think it was still relevant

  4. Y’all dumb in the Grammys she won over Nipsey Hussle album and Mac Miller Album and this time she won over Meek Mill 😂 I tried to tell y’all it’s a popularity contest

    • Tate Rasheed astroworld is the name of his album. He didn’t have just Yosemite. He had STOP TRYING TO BE GOD, SICKO MODE, 5% TINT, CAROUSEL, HOUSTONFORNIFICATION, BUTTERFLY EFFECT, STARGAZING, NC-17, COFFEE BEAN.

    • @Kings County Baby right just because they pass they need a award what? That’s stupid! If they were alive they still wouldn’t have got it. I mean sorry for them passing away. But just because they died they should when best abulm ok!

    • @hinata w That’s a dumb opinion but you can have it..Whether he were alive or not, I don’t think he would have won, honestly.All you Nip fake lovers..foh.

  5. Congrats to Cardi but Astroworld was the best album to come out last year no question

    • Exactly. Like what is she going to say “no I don’t think Cardi B should have won it” or “no comment”. The sh*t would have hit the roof lol

    • @AEB 1976 Oh Mary tells the truth. She’ll say no comment or roll her eyes if she thinks something is lame. She from the hood lol

  6. Hip hop going down the drain got ghostwriter artist winning awards over artist that actually write their own lyrics

    • Casper 6a6y so tf what? Ice Cube wrote for NWA. Kanye’s written for other artists. Stop cappin

    • @whudafckdeni yup all true yet eazy wasn’t an “Artist” he was a gangsta/business man. Dre wasn’t a “rap artist” he’s a producer. Kanye is lost out in left field at the moment. FYI Ghostwriting is frowned upon in the music world, cause your not in the business for the Art you in it for just the money.

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