Taylor Swift BOOED For Hiding from Fans After Wedding | TMZ

Taylor Swift outraged a gaggle of fans Saturday who waited in the rain to catch of glimpse of her after a Martha's Vineyard wedding.


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Taylor Swift BOOED For Hiding from Fans After Wedding | TMZ



    • pinklexi9 I agree I mean it’s at her friends wedding u want it to be a private special moment without being annoyed by paparazzi
      That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like her fans she just wouldn’t like to see them at the moment

  1. Booed by fans? More like paparazzi looking to cash in on pictures and videos of her since she’s been out of the public eye for months.

  2. She was hiding cause t was a wedding she didn’t want Attention on her probs and it was probably a friends so she wanted to leave without causing a scene

    • Remy O That wasn’t even necessary. All she had to do was maybe a quick wave while she was walking. She didn’t even have to look that direction.

    • Remy O We get it you don’t like Taylor, and she can do no good… I swear if she did wave and answer some questions you would be like SHE IS TAKING THE DAY AWAY FROM HER BESTFRIEND and rant about how she is not a good friend… She is trying to have privacy , she doesn’t HAVE to take picture, what’s the reason? They want money off her picture and then… ppl like you rant

    • FCMn She didn’t make a big scene, being photographed and yelled at to “Look Over Here” is a big scene… it did not escalate. People didn’t come from all over to see what was behind the blanket. Honestly if Beyonce did this people would be defending her

    • KJ agreed!!! Does being a superstar mean you no longer have basic human rights??? Why can’t people be decent, why can’t they just be respectful towards them? I feel like people way too often forget celebrities are sentient human beings. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated, celebrity or not, they deserve privacy just like anyone else. Respecting boundaries isn’t hard at all.

    • Destiny Massey those weren’t fan they were women who just want to see someone famous and paparazzi trying to make some money off photos and the fact that they wasted their time…invading her privacy. So having social media, people stalking you and finding our where you are going, it’s the price to pay for looking good or having social media

    • Destiny Massey ….Hey I want to be a high profile celeb where do I Sign up? Where can I find a good deal? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM… you are trying to normalize how they treat these Human beings, like it’s how it’s suppose to be. NO that’s wrong. You know it’s wrong but you still let it go on

    • Rh Ea what the hell are you talking about . I cannot change millions of people mindset . I do not agree with it as I said before , but it’s reality . Just speaking about it does not change the situation. I gave my opinion on it and so did you. I said it wasn’t right but what do you want me to do ? Go protest ✌️ good luck . If you can’t see 2 sides of it then you’re closed minded . All I’m saying is ; that’s a profession that she chose , and fans and paps is what comes with that territory . They don’t have paparazzi laws in America .

    • Rh Ea ikr? Bitterness & jealousy is what this is really about. They try to make her look like a bad person so they can justify their poor manners & not feel so bad about their own lives. That whole celebrities know what they’re getting into when they choose to be famous BS is just a copout to excuse their own bad behavior. It’s sad.

    • sounds like he’s one of them. Hahahah if celebs are never off the clock you think they will live? That is so suffocating. They need to breathe. I

    • Mandofouronefive they chose to buy her work she doesn’t owe them anything lol she did her part by making them happy with her music and they need to make her happy by letting her live like a normal human being

    • E. Anderson exactly if they admire her for her music then wait to meet her at a concert or something music related. Do not basically stalk her and expect something in return.

  3. I m not her fan but She has all the right to hide is her bff wedding she didnt want to be the center of attention I respecto that

  4. This is a wedding. Not her wedding. She didn’t announce she’d be there to meet and greet fans. Can she not breath for a bit and enjoy everyday life by celebrating her friend’s wedding. All of those “fans” are entitled and spoiled children upset that they couldn’t see someone they were technically harassing/stalking.

  5. Maybe, she just didn’t want to overshadow her best friend in her special day. By the way, Taylor do value her fans, but that is not a moment for her fans and her, that is a personal moment for her friend and her. She doesn’t have to include her fans in everything she does, especially when it comes to her personal life, so chill out and leave her alone.

  6. Honestly, in my life I have never seen anything more disgusting. This was a private wedding. Get yourself a job and stop showing up at a private wedding. It was her best friend’s wedding and it’s sad enough that Taylor had more attention than the bride herself. Of course she is a celebrity and gets more attention than “normal” people, I get that, but is it really necessary to show up to a private wedding just to get pictures with Taylor? Sure she loves her fans but this is too far.

  7. People are really going to blame her for avoiding the paparazzi at her best friend’s wedding? If you expect her to give autographs on this occasion, you are low class trash

    • CGA right, because they are plastic fans.

      Taylor values her fans but her fans have to respect that she was in a private event and of course she was gonna dedicate more time with her friend at that time.

  8. What kind of fans are these? “We thought u loved your fans?!” That’s so Manipulative. TMZ probably did this for a headline.

  9. What disgusting people. To boo her at a private event? Of course she didn’t want to go and see people, the day is about her friend.

  10. I really want to slap that so called fan who said “Taaaylorrr… It’s not cool. We thought you love your fans…” I’m triggered. 😒

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