YG Swarmed by Cops and Handcuffed In Tense Traffic Stop During BET Weekend

YG was swarmed by cops early Sunday morning and handcuffed for reckless driving, and the situation became tense.


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  1. If you see this you’ll be healthy and wealthy πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

    • @soaring energy right…and his ppl were acting disrespectful af…hense the cop getting a *slight* attitude where his ppl are belligerent as hell. You just proved my whole point for me, dumb dumb

    • @TheProgressive conservative So an officer deciding to argue with, and childishly mock people across the street, isn’t a problem?… Is that why the other officer had to step in, tell that officer to “SHUT UP” and walk away?.. Because he wasn’t doing anything wrong?

    • @TheProgressive conservative I see you do a lot of fucking trolling! EVERY video I watch, you got something to say! Aren’t your fingers getting cramped trumptard?

    • @illwill74 people dont have to vote for trump to have an ounce of common sense buddy. Just because conservative is inmy name doesn’t mean I voted for him. Unlike most far left or alt right group thinks, moderates such as myself can think for themselves. Nice try though πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  2. Anybody else notice the “6 – 6 – 6” on top of the three police cars???

    • Def apart of a Hollywood ritual never have I ever seen cops in the same department have the same police car number that’s crazy

    • Yeah there is something wrong with that especially when the ambulance that took away Nipsey Hussle was number 66

    • RayGunz Yeah, crazy thing is… YG had a song titled ‘666’ on his previous album just before this last one he released.

    • @TheProgressive conservative Surrendering peacefully after you massacred 20 innocent elementary kids You must be a caucasian to post that sh eit..Pigs should riddled the terrorist with bullets and not let him serrender peacefully…

    • We need to start wearing body camera’s too that’s what our world has come too.

    • Uh let me stand at your job and talk sht to you and see if you dont have the same reply wtf

    • Yeah because “BLUE MAN BAD” right? Smh niggas keep getting shot for not following simple instructions.

  3. La county sherriffs love to meet rappstars. And cuff all of them it looks like hip hop police if you ask me. Be Ware rappers .

    • Hip hop police don’t show up like dat iknw iseen them in the 90s early 2000s they always under cover

  4. One friendly police officer to arrest one white guy, and Half the police station, ambulance, firetrucks, and SWAT team to arrest one black guy.

  5. It’s the BET weekend and wtf is he wearing, the cops should cut him some slacks Lol.

  6. His own officer see he outta control…that’s the type of officer that would shoot first tell a lie Later. Immature no need to be on the force. Ingaging with civilians like so…I feel sorry for his family,you know that’s the way he treats them mocking them, trying to be intimidating.

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