“Total Bellas” Peek: Nikki Bella Goes on Date With Peter Kraus | E!

Coming soon on season 4 of "Total Bellas," Brie Bella plays matchmaker for her twin sister. See Nikki and Peter from "The Bachelorette" go on a date.

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"Total Bellas" Peek: Nikki Bella Goes on Date With Peter Kraus | E!



  1. Wtf I wonder if she kissed back or if she backed away from what it looked like it looks like they he kissed her and she let it happen 😳😳😳🤪🤪🤪😍😍😍😍I love the drama cause stuff get juicy

  2. OMG I loved peter in the bachelorette! He’s gorgeous and I saw that they followed each other on Instagram. I’ll be so disappointed if they only had one date 😭

  3. Moving on is not a bad thing, but moving on this fast and almost leaving a 6 year relationship behind just to have fun does not make sense. Imagine how John felt when he saw this. I feel so bad for him :(((

  4. What the heck! Nikki Bella don’t let that guy kiss you,John Cena is the only guy and perfect for you. Oh my I cannot believed it!

  5. I couldn’t even finish last season because of Nikki and her being so selfish. And they claimed this season will be more about women empowerment. Yeah that doesn’t look it what they claimed. I’m done with Total Bella’s and I’ll stick to watching Nattie and Naomi on Total Divas.

  6. I feel like she probably spilled the drink on him or tell him waht are you doing or I’m not ready for this 😂😂

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