Tyga — I’m Not Banging Kylie Jenner | TMZ

Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian can shut down their Twitter beef — because Tyga is not sleeping with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner … according to Tyga.

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Tyga — I'm Not Banging Kylie Jenner | TMZ



  1. I don’t know what the big deal is, even if he was it shouldn’t matter, why don’t people focus their attention to something else.

    • +Delvin Williamson they can go to another state or country. It doesn’t really matter. I’m in Canada and the age of consent here is 16 but it can be lower as long as there’s a max of 5 years difference between the girl and guy. So the worst it can be is 15 and a 20 year old, you’d have to show written proof to court and have consent from their parents if you ever get caught. But honestly, a lot of people smash younger people just they never caught. 

  2. TYGA says clearly he’s not dating her, I didn’t hear him say he’s not sexing her. What man totally hangs out with a girl all the time. Especially with the age difference. Does he not have any friends closer to his age. and their is no attractions. Probably not. Something is going on! he’s not gonna come out and say he’s having sex with an underage girl. Or is he waiting on her to turn 18. We shall see! if his intentions is to be only friends.

    • +Dezhan Gurodoxhev well times are differnt thats why this is called the progressive era. Its gross as hell and not to mention illegal where they are and in america period. Also you have to wonder about a men his age who cant find a women his age. Its very unsettling, teens should be allowed to be teens without older people trying to introduce them to adulthood before their time. We already have all this oversexualization and promiscuity thats become popular we don’t need pedophilia or indophilia to become popular as well.

    • +Living For Tony & Kerry Olitz Scandal Also “pedophilia” would be inaccurate. 

  3. If women that like young guys are called Cougars then are guys that like younger girls called tygas?

  4. *A 25 year old man hangs out with a 17 year girl because of her “energy”? 😒 okaay, he should’ve just kept quiet on this one ..*

    • +Ime E that’s why I say where do you draw the line? like just because 17 is an legal age, does that give a 25 year old man to sleep with her? Lol I mean yeah, these are my personal morals, but if she’s just “17” then the next one will be what? just “13” haha, that’s all I’m saying ..

  5. I don’t believe him, I’m Team Amber in this situation, but like Khloe said there’s her side, his side and the truth. Why is he just denying everything now? Kylie went on Twitter near the end of last year and stated she wasn’t pregnant and she wasn’t trying to illegally get into any club but didn’t mention the Tyga rumors. But now that Amber and Drake are calling him out and he could potential get into trouble because a 25 year old going out with a 15 year old is illegal… He wants to deny it. He avoided the questions about him taking her to eat that time and him taking her to Europe were the legal age to have sex is 15 and 16 depending on where you are. Why did you take her to Europe Tyga if non of her family was not with her and if she denied the rumors about her wanting to enter the music industry? She didn’t need to come on tour with you she should of been doing her school work. I think he’s lying that’s just my opinion tho. 

  6. they asked him if he was “smashing” he said he wasn’t DATING her. they still could be banging

  7.         I don’t believe him, because if it was true, he wouldn’t of waited so long to say something about it.

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