Tyler Henry Makes a Stunning Prediction for Alan Thicke | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

Did the celebrity medium predict the deceased actor's medical condition? Watch the unbelievable moment on "Hollywood Medium".

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Tyler Henry Makes a Stunning Prediction for Alan Thicke | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


    • Shereese Murphy not sure if you mean Tyler or Alan was Uninviting. If you mean Tyler he just looked scared he was seeing Alan’s death and didn’t know how to tell him.

    • I totally agree!! You could tell that Tyler was trying to urge him to take this seriously. I would have gone to a heart specialist after that reading.

    • It’s not eerie at all. Heart issues are a leading concern for men his age. It’s like telling a 37 year old woman she might have fertility issues. It’s vague and lines up with statistics.

    • He did get a check a couple months after this and was given a clean bill of health.

    • krisisnkaos my father was given a “clean bill of health ” and had a massive coronary 2 weeks later and died. DRS. don’t know everything.

    • +Bee On Thyme exactly. My grandpa was in the hospital to be checked for heart issues. Tests came back fine and AS he was being released….nurse came back to his room with his discharge papers and found him dead. Heart attack.

    • the number 1 death cause for men in the US is heart disease, just so you know. You can already tell that he’s in his 60s (probably) and a bit overweight, so that already makes the probability of heart disease higher. That’s what you already know without knowing anything about his personal life. Now, Tyler obviously knows who he’s visiting, because the guy made an appointment with him or with someone who works for him. So, Tyler can just google the guy and find out what other risk factors he has for heart disease. What about his life style? Does the guy work out? what does his diet look like? does he smoke/drink a lot? How stressful is his job? You could just visit his facebook and get a general impression of his health and his risk for heart disease. You can also check on his family members and draw connections that way. I don’t know if he’s a celebrity, but if he is, you could literrally find out anything about him. Besides the whole video could just be scripted, doesn’t look like it, but it is a possibility.

      I’m not sure if he’s a fake, but there are no good reasons to believe him either. So, no this proves nothing at all and you could clearly explain it.

    • ​+Alonia Newcomb I’ll take a guess. He told an older guy to watch out for his heart. Literally the most common cause of death for adults. 1 in every 4 to be exact. If that makes Tyler psychic, then I guess every doctor ever shares his “gift”.

  1. How much clearer could Tyler could have been?!!  Men are so stupid and stubborn when it comes to health…!

    • Nashanta Stanley Actually, heart attacks are usually more fatal for women, as it often goes undetected and ignored because society assumes heart disease is primarily a male disease. But the truth is, heart disease strikes women too, and the consequences are usually more dire. So women are very stupid too.

    • or maybe his wife asked him to say this… because she knew his heart was failing…

    • I believe that is exactly what happened. She said after it all happened that they had been having a conversation all day, I’m sure that came up up in the conversation. Most men don’t like to go to the doctor and after that reading he did go, so it worked but unfortunately for Allen nothing was found.

  2. No history but his sister had it?? Total denial on his part n sad he didn’t check it out!! Sorry but wife comes off as a ditz who lost her meal ticket! Guess she won’t honor prenup according t his children n it looks like it’s goin t court!! Same thing happened with Robyn Williams kids. Lesson, always leave a concise will n testament as t who gets what!

    • He meant I think no males with a history not no family history. I’m the only person in my family on both sides with 4 genetic diseases my children have 2 of them now 36 later so there was no family history of my problems if they would have asked my family when I was dx at 4-5 yrs old. I think that’s what he meant

    • How can you judge their relationship just by watching a 2:08 minute video. You have no clue what their relationship was like so don’t be acting like you do !

    • Having open heart surgery for whatever reason is not a genetic thing. When they say genetic, they mean people in their past like their dad, mom, grandfather, etc.

    • what…..his sister had an issue and thus required the surgery…heart problems are often genetic and if his sister has it then he could genetically also have had it…passed on from somewhere down their family line

  3. Lmao @ everybody getting technical, just to discredit him. He’s not a doctor, and likely doesn’t have personal experience with what he’s talking about. So when he senses something critical TO the heart, like the aorta, of course he’ll just call it a “heart problem”.

    • Remy Mafia plus aortic ruptures are caused by either bp or heart attack. And he specifically mentioned those two.

  4. Omg the “man” that was warning Alan wasn’t a family member, but rather Alan’s future dead self trying to warn his present self. Wow

    • No, it was not his future self. It was an evil soul that knows how to play this game. He knew about Allan’s health condition, as as spiritual beings do. He deceives this naive boy by pretending to be a careing soul, all the while causing Allan to doubt by manipulating the young man to lie. However, the moment Allen listened to the spiritual beings through this phsycics, he gave them the authority to have the power to cause the heart attack. Allen still had a few more years to live. Human beings play with things they have no knowledge about. It is the reason they can very easily posses your flesh, soul, and manipulate the events in your lives. Your very foolish! No wonder, they laugh and call you puppets.

    • I don’t think it was Alan in another recap episode he revealed that it was Alan’s grandfather who died of a cardiac arrest and he had been warned earlier but refused to get check so he was sort of making this known to Alan not to ignore the heart issues

  5. Alan Thicke seemed cynical of Henry’s craft, with regard to the outcome of the reading about his heart condition.
    That is why an open mind is always healthy, regardless what the subject is and whether you agree or not.

  6. How can anyone with a brain think Tyler is a fake after this reading with Alan Thicke……. Tyler has a God given gift he just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he’s genuine and communicates with the dead spirits……..

    • Oooooo! He predicted an older man might have heart issues. Stop the presses! The spirits are telling me that if you don’t conceive by 35, you might have fertility issues….. Trust me, I’m as psychic as Tyler Henry and there’s Caputo. 😂

    • Sofia Nower gods, devils and mediums are just dreamy inventions devised by humans, targeted at other gullible humans, they don’t exist.

    • Allan Currie and Zehedee,
      I can prove to you that demons exist, as well as God. If you accept, you will have to allow a demon to prove it to you. However, know this, your proof will come at a price. Here is what you have to do, ask a demon to posses you with conviction or even mockery will work.Then, you will start hearing voices of angry souls, once this happens you will start having different personalities. Then they will cause desease in your vessel, and then they will use others you socialize with to make you miserable. You will feel anger and hate and you will feel them inside you. This will only happen if you ask them to posses you. If you don’t ask for this proof, then they will still come after your loved ones and cause them illness, death and suffering. However, it be a lot easier to show you one, but this is a better deal for the demons. Either way it will be proven to you. “What comes out of your mouth will condemn you.” As Jeisua the God that is not real said. You will both be persecuted by demons and you will suffer sorrows and pain, and if that still doesn’t convince you that demons exist, angels have taken human form among you. If you look closely, the way you can tell is by noticing that they do not need to breath air in their body like you humans. One little aspect that is very necessary for humans to survive. Wait till these things come to pass then you can say they are not real. You can’t say demons and Angels are not real like you said until you live it.

  7. you can tell he stubborn with his health, when his wife started crying. MEN GO TO THE DOCTOR BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!

  8. You can hit peole square in teh face with something and it won’t be accepted until the rest of the people in the herd say ‘yeah something is hitting you in the face’…. so goes the skeptics

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