Tyler Henry Reads a Lucky “Hollywood Medium” Fan | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

The young clairvoyant gives a "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" fan a once-in-a-lifetime read! Find out what Tyler uncovers for the lucky fan.

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Tyler Henry Reads a Lucky "Hollywood Medium" Fan | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


    • +Sharlene Martin – I posted under someone else’s comment about how fraudulent this is and showed how he used statistics and vague guesses to come across as authentic, but I believe the best point I got is how he refers to a ceremony where you light candles, yearly, and the month of April and the significance of 17 – Easter is in April, on the 17th, where you light candles… yearly…
      This is fake, it really sucks because it gives incredible senses of false hope, it’s just statistics, clever guessing, it’s a show… and it really is unfortunate people are buying into it

  1. Tyler…you are just amazing and I would absolutely LOVE a reading as I have had so much death around me most of my life! Would LOVE to hear what you would “pick up!”

  2. I can’t stop watching the show
    I sometimes watch an episode more than once
    Major fan…😆

  3. wow he literally told her what she was holding in her hands and we haven’t seen it on the screen before. skeptics be like: “There’s no explanation; he can see through cameras. He’s an X-Men.”

  4. god made a point by giving tyler this gift, to show people being gay isn’t wrong and yes you will still go to heaven. im sure tyler struggles with it but he seems strong.

    • Its wonderful that mediums like Tyler Henry, the one called Jesus and others have the courage, metaphysical education and integrity to prove life after death and comfort people. Jesus told the woman at the well she had five husbands and the man she was living with was not her husband. Jesus spoke with the deceased Moses and Elijah on the mount of transfiguration.

      After Jesus healed someone he was accused by the Pharisees of working with the prince of demons (Matthew chapter 12). I’m always surprised that some who call themselves Christians fail to realize how their beliefs, teachings and actions are so different from Jesus’s. Tyler, keep up the good work. You’re helping people.

  5. I don’t care what any negative things anyone has to say about this guy, he is the real deal. When you could bring up so many details, you’re the real deal. I would love to meet him one day for sure. But that would only be a dream of course lol.. but for now, I’ll enjoy all his videos. I am a fan at heart!

    • +Olivia Kelly – Elizabeth is the 5th most common name in the US (If he had have chosen #1 through #4 it might have seemed obvious, so it’s safe to go for something near the front but not quite) Valentines day is in February, lots of balloons, which would be more pertinent to a female, and 1/12 chance to be a birthmonth if not. Given the appearance of the person he’s reading it’s likely one or both of her grandmothers have passed, no matter what there will always be a feeling of being taken too soon (early), 60-69 is a good age to throw out as an early death as women live on average to be 80-82, if 60s for the age isn’t right, could be that she lived through the 60s. She’s referencing a son, in this case clarified to be the womans son, could have been the grandmothers son or any other. Referencing to a surgery that had to be done, very vague, didn’t have to be relevant to the grandmother or son, and saying ‘Head, or Head Surgery’ could indicate anything from extreme worry, stress, depression, anything after surgery, and saying “or, Head Surgery” just gives him a bonus point if it was done to the head or in ANY way related to the head. Even after this statement he went back to vague “procedure or surgery”. Weird hours, or long hours – again, vague – anything related to work could be considered weird hours, could be doing extra work, could be doing shift work, could have a change in schedule, or have moved firm, whatever. Jeff isn’t a common name (although 29th or 30th most popular), but there’s so many people in a family tree, plus friends, co-workers and enough people in a persons life that it might have ANY significance. Genetic predisposition to cancer is a risky one, because for her personally she’d have to have tests done to be sure, but it doesn’t even have to relate to her if she got one, any one person could have that fault in the family. ‘S’ initial, people tend to have three names so could be any one of them, and think of all the options, Sarah, Sean, Stephen, and all variations of each, these can also be middle names, and Smith, Samson, whatever as a last name. Think of the amount of people in a family tree again and all those possibilities and you’re bound to find ONE. Worry or concern over a pregnancy is very common, especially in first time mothers, on top of this could be any number of complications, premature babies, late babies, heart issues, lots of options here, even if it’s as simple her being concerned about a pregnancy. April is the 5th most common month for people to die, also Easter is in April, on the 17th, where you light candles… yearly… and I’ll stop there because I’m watching this for the first time so I’m doing this as I go, but think I’ve made my point – this is fake, there is no God given talent, it’s statistics, and it’s hurtful to people as it gives incredible false hope, and is a huge waste of money

  6. I love this kid…he’s so sweet, genuine, well spoken and authentic. He’s very positive and that’s nice to see in this crazy world.

    • Hes awsome and very on. I would ask about close peeople that have passed and future plans

    • He is a big fake and I can’t believe so many people are falling for his crap !! He has ways of finding out about people before he meets them. Notice in this Hollywood he keeps looking up to his left because he is getting info that he has looked up on this person. He could be hacking people’s medical files too for info !! Don’t fall for his crap !!!!!

    • He also has a mic in his left ear so his mother is probably feeding him info also !!

  7. Just incredible for you non believers try to have a little faith. I don’t see God but I know he exists

    • I wasn’t addressing you but I will answer since you don’t understand. I was responding to the comment about how incredible Tyler is and about having faith, I was referring to his readings coming from the internet, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out and no God isn’t the internet, he’s all powerful and doesn’t need the internet, nor does he charge money to help people out who are suffering and come to him for comfort.

    • Envy//// His readings come from spirit, forget the internet. Any medium who makes his/her mediumship a full time job has to charge.

    • How do you know, were you there? More like his reading come from the producers or google. The spirit world isn’t something that people should try and call upon or manipulate. God is pure goodness & light, the devel is deceptive, manipulative & evil. If someone is looking for closure or answers they should turn to God for help and comfort.

  8. People are asking for his service and he is providing hope, comfort and awareness. What is wrong with that? For insecure, vindictive and jealous people out there who don’t believe this …Then don’t watch! For anyone who understands clairvoyants, mediums or others with a higher vibration of senses ~ We applaud you Tyler for sharing!

    • steve Lyn I have (still do) the ability to see spirits (and yes even the bad but I know how to block them out) and hear them. I don’t call it a “gift”. And I don’t give people readings bc you have no idea how many skeptics are out there ready to pounce. And if I did give readings (only twice to two friends I have on Facebook and it was information that was to come not something that already happened), I wouldn’t charge anything bc I only want the others to find closure and peace with whatever may be said. And I don’t give names (it’s to easy to guess common names actually but not saying it doesn’t mean anything either) either. Skeptics have one thing they say in common (sadly it’s fact if people truly pay attention to hearing or reading what they say), they say “Well the mediums get their info from google or Facebook or online so of course they are fake!”. I have better things to do in my life than go creeping (and to me it really is creepy to do) on some random persons Facebook page or whatever to be very honest. I actually wished I could be “normal” without this so called “gift”. I try to just live my life the best way I can just like everyone else. Thank you though for being the rare few who still believes.

    • steve Lyn its okay to give comfort but he can become a therapist for that, not claim he can talk to the other side

  9. Tyler has changed so many people’s lives and views for the good..and giving them a peace of knowing their loved ones do love and miss them, and they are around. Tyler if you read this,I am a huge fan and keep up your amazing work that God gave you:) So happy that E has a show and hope to see many many seasons!!😊

  10. people who were saying he googled.. you cant google a fan you dont know ,if they ain’t famous people… boom

  11. Why can’t everyone in the comments section be entitled to their own opinion? People are *allowed* to be skeptical, and im sure the most hard-core believers can understand why that might be! If you believe, then good one you, that truth is your truth, be humble to have that level of understanding or connection with this medium. But please don’t be mad at someone because they cant believe or they wholeheartedly believe. You can’t change their mind, and all you do by arguing is drag up feelings of anger, hatred and hurt. Just be happy with your own version and remember there will always be other versions of the truth in these instances too.

  12. To non believers you probably should get a reading and see the outcome..and that would prove everything you’re claiming is true, then u can pass judgement.

  13. so amazing1

    fun drinking game: take a sip everytime he says reference, acknowledge, and having me. 😉

  14. That girl constantly sniffing is driving me mad and making it so I can not finish the video!

  15. To connect and to have some answers to questions I have regarding my life and my fight

  16. There’s no way he could come up with all this . He’s Definitely seeing something. He’s so sweet♥ He saw the jewellery box before she showed it WOW !!!! I think he’s Legit☺ This lady seems like everything is spot on.

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