Tyler Perry Says He Goes to Churches Where Guards are Armed

Tyler Perry thinks houses of worship should remain holy and sacrosanct, but the sad reality is that armed guards may be necessary.


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    • Why would u make this comment without physical evidence? Plus Pittsburgh shooting jew center had guards with firearms. What u got 2 say about that?

    • Exactly and that is the Purpose of Evil!!! To distract us away from what is Right with the intention We’ll abandon All Hope !!! Knowing this, I PRAY HARDER !!! Never Give Up…

    • The evidence is clear, all these shootings and acts of senseless violence…its an everyday event nowadays shooting after shooting, the world is lost or at least America is🙏😢💔

    • jamesbriggstown No , My thing is a lot people ( not all church goers ) raise kids to believe that god answers prayer 🙏🏿, and god has a plan and things of that nature and I’m looking at that like well ( if god has a plan and he’s the almighty , why spend time praying for things to go in the direction that YOU want ? … and these people are teaching kids that prayer is real … in a few breaths they pray that god protects them and after that pay armed MEN … to do what they just prayed for PROTECTION … ) that doesn’t make sense .

    • K Clips I didn’t speak on the people in the church ⛪ that was killed by the white Man . May they RIP . And I didn’t disrespect you either . Stop being so emotional 😭

    • +JR Jazz God does answer prayers by inspiring individuals to keep hope alive and that good will result in reward. From dust we came and to that we will return, and that theory doesnt fall far from the scientific explanation either, we cant expect to live forever or to all live the same amount of time.. we must all accept that we die…prayers have to exist in the guidelines that wont violate the free will that humanity asked for

  1. you are right mr.perry.the world is getting really really sad and demonic voices are given to some really bad people in this last days.

    • Idiots like you is the reason why it’s happening, instead of getting them psychiatric help, you think some dumb ghost in the sky’s going to help them

    • *anthony cheesman* Nothing wrong with protecting yourself, even the Bible mentions to do so…take up a sword, etc etc. In the real world I live in, this is a necessity. Survival at all cost is very important to me, because the God I believe in wants me to live.

    • +Jasmin Flowerz they always act like god controls every aspect of our lives yet they want armed guards lol.

    • Exactly, that is why I don’t get why people think making guns illegal suddenly makes them just disappear. This already doesn’t work for anything else against the law. I agree to maybe make them harder to get via tests and such but if someone wants a gun to do harm they will find one on the streets and a dealer would be more than happy to take their money. Just would line the pockets of illegal dealers.

    • +PixelProtocol
      Yea it’s like when they tried outlawing cigarettes and alcohol that just made illegitimate sources of these things more prevelant.

  2. “Piece🔫, Be Still.”,
    Of The Profound Words of Madea 😆🤣😂,
    so that We may have “Peace, Be Still.”, from The Word Of God!!!! 🙇🏿‍♀️😉

  3. Ppl SHOULD be able to go to church an Praise the Lord WITHOUT being gunned down. I think Pastors look at it as we protect our home an family so at church we going to do the same

  4. You’re to blame!! As Trump brings people together, the left instigates race wars and hatred instead of unity. 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️

  5. Yeah I go to a church that’s armed with something to and it’s called DISCERNMENT!!!!

  6. He is protected by armed men 🤣 Rich liberals only want guns for their protection not for the typical person

  7. You all say that until someone comes into your church with a gun and start shooting up the place. I say Protect your people even during praise and worship! There are crazy people in this world and we have heard of this happening on the news. People are coming to the church on a Satan assignment.. so I say equip trusted people to protect

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