Was Rapper Jeezy Flirting with Raquel? | TMZ TV

Jeezy stopped by Raq Rants and talked to Raquel about his new album Trap or Die 3, his feud with Pimp C and whether or not he plans on retiring soon.

Click the link below for more Raq Rants episodes.

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  1. he wasnt, he asked her did she have anybody for him. smh not her. Go watch the full interview

  2. I’m sure any insult I can think of has already been dished out in this comment section 😂 😂 😂

  3. what.. he was asking her to hook her up with some hot girls. he wasn’t flirting. I thought it was pretty clear.

  4. young jeezy assistant robs detroit promoter of a 100000 i am that promoter i need to get jeezy on the phone. jon hall2

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