Woman Explains Why She Loves Dating Prison Convicts | LadyGang | E!

Becca & Jac meet up with Marina, who has an interesting dating history with prisoners. See what she has to say about being "excited when somebody's locked up."


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Woman Explains Why She Loves Dating Prison Convicts | LadyGang | E!


  1. Reminds me of Jeremy Meeks, who’s wife was very supportive and raised his kids.
    But he cheated on her with some businessman’s daughter.

  2. Regular men out here don’t write letters…don’t give flowers don’t do nothing simple they suck…I think they are gay but I still love the fantasy of letters and simple stuff…things that actually come out of their head and bore ness…I’ve had nothing but total opposite in my life…so I wish I could write too someone just the pic was too much…I freeze with showing too much…anyways I’m in the wrong era I belong when the telegraph was invented…this new world sucks in every way.

  3. Wait until the convict gets out and she has to deal with the man on the outside. I bet she won’t be so “romantic.”

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