YFN Lucci Has Some Advice For Migos’ Offset | TMZ TV

Break bread not phones!


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  1. I’m not idolizing no human being but if that was me offset would have to had run that fade

    • +Dman Smith hes in public u dont have to ask dummy and if u dont wanna be recorded dont become famous its a no brainer but i forgot some people dont know how to use theres

    • +John gotti You don’t have a profile pic to be calling someone dummy.

    • +Dman Smith whats does that have to do with anything is it required to have a profile pic NO dummy do u have anything else dumb to say

    • +Rahmat Jusri underground independent show money makes more than these major label rappers. He gets 20 thousand a show. If he do 3 a week that’s at least 40 bands after he pays DJs crew travel all that etc.


    • Despicable sean No that ain even what he said. its more like if someone punched u in yo face and no damage is done then no charges pressed. but if somebody punched you and broke your nose rhen charges pressed

    • Because it looks like the screen was only cracked. He still damaged his phone🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Forget about dinner I want some money lol😁😁😁…………

  4. why would you slap a fan’s phone in the first place? ..sad as hell smh

  5. I don’t think he meant to hit it with full force like that cause he didn’t even look mad I actually thought he looked as if he was just playing & the fan dropped it

  6. The only reason why yo fans record these rappers cuz they love them

  7. Fk that!!!! I want pain and suffering damages, ptsd counseling because I pissed myself during the incident, and I want 100k!! Cash!!! or we can settle out of court for 50k..

  8. Dude the guy didn’t seem like a fan thoooo, he probably seen someone famous and decided to record

  9. Yeah, this guy wouldn’t know how to act in a restaurant! He has trouble with Target!

  10. Offset should have him come to dinner and let him record again and smack the phone out is hand 🤚 again 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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