Khloe Kardashian Denies Claims She Cheated with Tristan Thompson | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Khloe Kardashian hit back against allegations she cheated with Tristan Thompson at the expense of his baby mama, Jordan Craig. Also, Ariana Grande has donated proceeds of her June 8, sold-out Atlanta concert performance to Planned Parenthood — TMZ has learned — and we're told the org will get $300,000.


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  1. Why would she admit that she can’t just be open with it even if her family have a special type reputation….

    • Kim remember u did it to Amber allegedly
      Kylie remember u did it to Justine Skye and black Chyna and ur sister kenny allegedly
      Khloe remember u did it to Trina twice and l. London and Jordan Craig allegedly.

      It was just the universe repaying u.

  2. Lie lie lie…… She knew SMH!!!!!! I love the Kardashians but I just feel like it’s BS. She broke up their family they may have gotten back together. That damn Karma girl don’t play πŸ˜‚

    • I agree πŸ’― but I was being sarcastic because Khloe said Jordan broke up her family

    • Of course she knew! The world knew! she proudly paraded him around taking pictures licking him in the mouth “my love” while that poor woman suffered from bn abandoned. Shout out to Jordyn woods the real MVP here.

  3. Lol again?? Jesus what is it with these woman they should get a full psychiatric evaluation!!

    • franky lopez… why? does Bruce/Kaitlynn jenner also need a psyc evaluation.?

    • He was apart of that CIRCUS family so I can understand if he do need ONE. KYLIE is GAY just like her DAD with her FREAKY nasty SELF. Always half NAKED and licking, rubbing and kissing on GIRLS…😱😱😱😱😱

  4. Look at KK acting all Innocent coz she scared it’s gonna mess up her Income… Lol… Momager Kris to the Rescue… 😁

    • I think it’s cause the same thing happened to her and she is getting no sympathy. So she is trying to spin the narrative.

    • SHOW is coming to an end and this lying FAMILY is trying to keep THEMSELVES in the SPOTLIGHT. The whole FAMILY need to get inside the YELLOW SUBMARINE and STAY in the water. Not BABY TRUE.. πŸ‘

  5. Khloe stop the lies
    She knew he was involved with someone if not she should have. There’s enough people around to check it for her.
    What happens in the dark always comes to lite

  6. What goes around comes around and the way you get them is the way you lose themπŸ˜•

    • And notice in her post it was Tristan fault for cheating on Jordy Craig but it was Jordyn woods fault when he cheated on her. They must be viewed as the victim.

  7. Hey Khloe, ever hear of the old saying “thus does protest TOO much” !!!! When someone goes into such a loooog explanation as to why they DIDN’T do something, it’s like who are they really trying to convince, other people or just THEMSELVES. ??????

  8. The fact that he broke up with a pregnant woman was good reason to stay away from him.

    • @Kevwe Tony That’s not what Jordan said at all. She thought they were still together when she saw all over the blogs that he was with Khlozilla. They were actually living together then she moved out.

    • @Kevwe Tony Except they were together. As early as two to three weeks before KK started in with him he and Jordan were together at her cousin’s wedding – to Kevin Hart which is why there are receipts!! If she were a decent human being, she would have checked with Jordan to see if/when they broke up. I don’t believe they were. There are 2 liars here and Jordan hasn’t shown herself to be one of them.

    • @Kevwe Tony NO. What was abusive was KK cruely and smugly flaunting her ‘relationship’ all over social media. That’s why people are happy to see her get her comeupance. The fact that she still isn’t accepting accountability makes her look even worse. She has yet to say, “It was insensitive for me to get involved with a man with a pregnant girlfriend. At the very least, I should have kept our relationship private and not posted anything on social media, not called the paparazzi when were were out together and not gone out to places where I knew the paparazzi would be.” But if she did that, she wouldn’t have lasted long with Tristan because he was only with her for the NATIONAL press he couldn’t/didn’t get prior to getting with her. He just didn’t know what he was getting into.

    • OldSchool Junky a man has the right to love who he chooses. If the 1st girlfriend was all that he wouldn’t be with Kloe now would he?

  9. Yea that πŸ’©is just as true as believing her and Tristan were ever in an actual commited relationshipπŸ˜’πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜•this is her pattern she is such a liar and if so what was all the shade towards Jordan for thanπŸ˜” Karma is real

    • Even if she isnt lying. How dumb do you have to be to believe a man or even still proceed. She spoke to his whole circle except the one person who mattered. The pregnant girl who had a whole couple year relationship with him.

  10. Khloe Kardashian is a f****** liar. That’s what the Kardashians do. It seems it is in their DNA, starting with their mother, to sleep with black men and destroy other people’s relationships. And why is it so important for women to keep scraping their own children from their wombs, legal?

  11. Khloe is a liar! Not only did she know she interfered in their relationship, she had the audacity to call his baby mother a handbag hoe on social media. Do she have amnesia or something? I wish she would quit playing the victim! No one feels sorry for her. She did the same exact thing to Trina & Lauren London.

    • No way! When did she say that and why??? Man his baby mama is a damn saint to have been this quiet this whole time. I dont know that I would have that type of restraint.

    • Sura S I would have lost it if she would have said that to me. Her and her assistant was making fun of Jordy because Jordy was showing off a new bag of hers. As soon as Jordy posted that pic they posted handbag hoe. Everyone knew exactly who Khloe was talking to. That’s why Khloe spent so much money trying to keep that man I believe. I believe she wanted him to know just how wealthy she was and she was above handbags or the things Jordy maybe liked. He gave her that name Khloe money.

  12. Don’t even matter even if she didn’t know she knew that he had a baby on the way and that was still wrong why would you get involved with somebody who has a baby on the way I don’t even care if there was a small baby already here if the baby is too young the relationship ain’t that old it’s disrespectful and you’re taking a chance because some people get back with their children’s mothers a my thing is treat people how you want to be treated with she want that to have happened to her while she was pregnant .

    • She didn’t care. She was the winner so to speak. She only cares now bc she lost in the end and everyone is qouting her own behavior back to her.

    • Never thier fault. And the world believes them over our lying eyes.πŸ›€πŸ˜Ή

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