Bam Margera Rips Into Manager After Showing Up Late To Comedy Set

Bam Margera is unloading on his manager in shocking new footage obtained by TMZ … screaming obscenities and threatening violence at a comedy club in New York.


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    • It’s a (slim) possibility that he is actually not drinking, but rather he’s lashing out with anger since it’s much harder to control emotions when you’re sober. Believe me, I can absolutely say that from experience. It’s easier to stay calm while you’re smashed on alcohol and/or drugs all the time. You will have a hard time dealing with emotions when you don’t have that alcohol or drugs as a crutch to keep your feelings level. Plus, years of using will make it difficult to naturally deal with emotions. But knowing Bam’s past, you’re most likely right, he is probably not actually sober. Unfortunately he constantly relapses. You would think that what happened to Ryan Dunn (R.I.P.) would be a huge lesson for him and a wake up call that your life will just get more fucked up the more you get yourself fucked up.

    • +LAN Evo agreed. But his main choice of drug is Alcohol ( he also got fat from it) Novaks choice of drugs was heroin,and steveO, cocaine and those gasbullets with balloons. The amount steve O took a day is unreal.

      Bam should keep it to beer. But he always drinks heavy red wine and booze. Personaly i can never drink booze in my life ever again. I turn into a dangerous demon. Even the cops told to my face its like you are 2 different persons. We all have our own ‘poison’

      And since im northern european myself (Dutch) i hardly believe he stayed sober during that period. Why do u think he chose scandinavia ? Any idea how many people drink overthere ? To cope with the dark and cold ? The suicide rate is trough the roof too.

  1. The manager is only scared of losing a high paying job, not of Bam himself, I’m sure

    • +Iminent &Bowman – He hasn’t got a knife. At no point in that video can you positively identify whatever is in his other hand as a knife. And if it was a knife TMZ absolutely would have reported that fact, and also used it the title.

  2. Bam used to have some of the best special trick moves in those Tony Hawk Pro Skater games.

    • You should see how he dresses when he’s home… It puts the lotion on it’s skin.

    • Pill Gates Hilarious! What a great memory. Here’s another one. Remember in National Lampoons Vacation with Chevy Chase, the girl put her hand and arm in the pitcher to stir the Kool-Aid? I laugh every time. Or when her father gave Chevy those white disco shoes?Peace.

  3. Bam became fat & out of shape like Phil. Too bad Bam will die from drugs/alcohol. It’s good Novak is clean and sober.

    • +trill full proof? How about I work with him……Novak is our head of marketing relations at banyan treetment center in beautiful sunny,south florida!

    • +Ré D’Arcy yeah bro I am friends with Novak, dude is a inspiration. He is nothing like he used to be when I first hung with him in 2004. I am proud to call him my friend

  4. Crazy how Steve-O became the cleanest one besides Knoxville. Steve O was one of the worst

  5. He would have thrown the drink but he absolutely needs that drink for survival purposes

    • Trevor Brubaker he did throw it in his face. Didn’t you see the guy wipe his face down in the last shot? Before he said “wtf man”. Lol. I heard the splash too

    • ShootEveryone then he would have cried and gone home sulking. it would have been better for everyone

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