Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Hires Lawyer For Sixth Grader After Pledge of Allegiance Arrest | TMZ TV

Jay-Z is the man!


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  1. Meanwhile R. Kelly is in prison for not paying for his kids 6th grade uniform.

    • +Pearl i see those idiots got you schoolin in the comments… do you… get em pearl 💯👌👌👌

    • +king lo That makes no sense.
      About you saying “telling females with fake hair to keep “there” legs close.
      The word is THEIR not “there.”

    • ARTORIUS THE GREAT he tosses guys salads,without the dressing if u know what I mean 😉👍

    • Aika On Purpose Man I knew that wasn’t going happen,this country is to feminism,they don’t want a women to run this country

    • +calitroit45 My President is a woman. But we don’t emphasize on Feminism much… Hmm… 🤔Doesn’t matter what the gender the person is, we look at individual’s capabilities to run a country and serve the citizens…

    • Aika On Purpose Yea I wish it was like that here instead of having a idiot like trump run for president

    • +calitroit45 Frankly, I truly admire your country’s Declaration of Independence… It has that most deepest and meaningful, to me, spirit and value of an oath and sense of duty, for freedom of a country and for the rights of men. But sadly now…. I don’t know… The essence of it isn’t just the same anymore…🙁 For current generation that is…

  2. Jayz just doing his dapper don thing …teflon don the charges dont stick when this man is involved

  3. Good Deed Jay. I bet they don’t ever mess with that kid ever in his life Again!!!!

  4. Don’t disrespect my man Hov by putting him in the same sentence as that bird Kim.

  5. Its stupid that tne kid even had to go to court in the first place for this. There are kids all over the US doing this.

  6. Money talks louder than justice. Rich criminals, poor innocents.

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