Best of 2015 SAG Awards Mani Cam | E!

From Laverne Cox's massive sparkler to Sofia Vergara's engagement ring, stunning diamonds ruled this year's Mani-Cam. See them all right now!

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Best of 2015 SAG Awards Mani Cam | E!


  1. I thought it was pretty funny when Julianne Moore and Jennifer Aniston refused to do it. LOL. Even Reese shoved Sofia in to the camera to avoid doing it. I guess they’re over the mani cam. haha 

    • +Annie Medosch haha Yeah. They cut out the people who didn’t do it. I was watching the entire red carpet they aired on TV and you can see Jen and Julianne refuse to do it during their interviews. 🙂

  2. What about the up skirt cam ? Who’s been bejewelled? A new low point for humanity ! 

  3. I don’t quite understand why people are saying this is “sexist?”  Political correctness is getting stupid now.  The women have manicures and big rings, and the host is just having fun by asking the actresses to show them off.  It different with men because most don’t wear big sparkles or get their nails did.

    • It’s just delusional wealthy females will do anything to act like women have it hard. This is not sexist at all. If you dont want people to talk about your nails and jewelry then dont get your nails done and dont wear jewelry, it’s that simple.

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