Common Admits Black Community Failed R. Kelly Survivors, Says That Ends Now | TMZ

Common is copping to turning a blind eye to the allegations about R. Kelly abusing women … saying he and the entire black community should have put a stop to it long ago.


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  1. This all sounds nice until he hears all the names of black people that he currently supports that constantly mistreat black women. Watch the excuses fly then.

    • +Mr. Lynx That some black men and black women tend to respect and degrade each other. This goes to show that the Willie Lynch is still in effect. Not saying that we dont have unity but its not as promoted or celebrated.

    • I don’t think he would feel any differently. Common has always been a stand-up guy. It’s great to witness his accountability and growth.

    • +SweetScienceAPA as guys we always talk about how women do us, so why do men always flip the convo around when a male is being put in the spotlight?

  2. So come on now the music industry took till now to say something and acted as if they never knew anything. Stop 🛑 it the music industry is a community in itself. The streets been talking a long time about R Kelly, since Aaliyah came out to Damon Dash saying R.Kelly is a bad and evil man. The industry knew already guys. Don’t get fooled.

    • And the tape was the icing on the cat, *that is him.* But everybody just went to blasting Ignition in their car speakers lol

    • Its true but they failed more than we the people, way back it was part of the game , banging young girls was like a ritual into the industry am sure Rk isnt the only one , there others who are worse off than him and probably killed their victims to avoid future. discoveries as this

    • Took till now? Because you haven’t been aware of this issue, that does not mean it hasn’t been in existence. Man had a whole trial, a prior documentary, and stories have come out all up until this point. Remove those rose colored glasses.

  3. Speak For Yourself Common. Or Speak on the industry you’re in.

  4. People dont speak on things cause they dont wanna lose money or endorsement!! Kaepernick is the only one who took a chance and spoke about something.

    • Blacks do get a lot of chances I know a lot of black people that have made it but that footballer was old news he wanted to turn it into a race thing when he new his time was up

    • +DNZ 1014 He was good so no spotlight needed!! Remember he did not turn his back on turned it’s back on him!!

  5. i was in a club last week and thd dj played ignition, and the club went crazy, facts

    • sky hammer, HONESTLY the fake hair thing is just the cover story for a race of black women (not all, but way too many) who don’t know how to behave like women. Choosing ignoramuses as baby daddies, lacking mental femininity, unfamiliar with the wants/needs of a man etc. But the reality of it is that our black women’s parents’ (mainly deadbeat sperm donors but also the moms who chose them!) inability to properly equip these females with the knowledge they needed to become desirable, responsible, knowledgeable, strong (not bull-headed), feminine women.

  6. Ayo you a black man in the industry AND in Chicago! You blew up the same time R Kelly did. How we blaming the black community for this bs

    • Why all these people come now common tank B2K it rkelly go to court y’all going have to go to court to in tell wat y’all seen

  7. I agree with Common. It’s OUR responsibility, not anyone else’s. Everybody is talking out now, but everyone, all the bystanders, were silent and complicit while it was happening because they were getting paid. You know that the black community has a taboo against “being a snitch” and we mind our own business if it doesn’t directly affect us. I feel like if there were white victims, it would have been reported sooner. It’s easy to say “It’s because they are black, and no one cares about black women.” But we can’t blame society if we were the ones protecting him and refusing to boycott him in the first place.

    • Thus the problem. If we don’t take of each other, who will? Why should black lives matter to the outside larger community when our lives don’t matter to each other. Lastly, Snitching is specifically related to gang culture and if you aren’t a gang member, it has nothing to do with you.

    • +Real Talk that’s right and you snatch the words out of my mouth like I be telling people if they don’t pay my bills and put food in my mouth you can’t tell me how to run my house hole.

  8. Not the biggest fan of his music but I like his open minded and level headed stance on a range of important topics

  9. R Kelly has women throwing them selfs at him yet he doesn’t choose to do the right thing and it starts with the parents of those girls not doing the right thing.

    • Omax Omega that’s the way he want his relationship with his women if if they accept it cool if not than leave that’s how he want it he doesn’t want it like no other person but his way what’s wrong with that

  10. What about the other predators in Hollywood that they don’t talk about? This has been going on so why is it an issue now? Publicity? Money? Who knows. But R Kelly and the other people should be held accountable and be locked up.

  11. What survivors?!? They chose to be there, he never raped them and he is not forcing them to stay they can leave but they love the life style to much.

    • Quandelle Coswell the whole thing is bad but do you also understand that the parents tried to pimp there kid and when they lost control of them they shift gears and now make money off of their interviews.

    • Latorya Gray EXACTLY!!!! He intentionally set up an unbalanced relationship from the beginning (professional or romantic, doesn’t matter). Like Lizette. She was 17 when she ran into him at a mall and he sent one of his ppl back to her with his number to further his narrative of being mysterious and powerful. A grown woman with her life together, that big red flag wouldn’t fly. A vulnerable kid with big dreams and dysfunctional home life, easy target.

    • fuhgetabouddit But it was grown bitches in the documentary 30 plus that willing stayed for years when he said he had other bitches though 🤔

  12. OMG Common is on that punk ish as well. This is not a mf racial issue. Kells supporters come in all different races and mf nationalities. Black community didn’t fail anyone. Aaliyah’s parents didn’t pursue anything. They denied the relationship and marriage. The 14 year old sextape victim’s parents committed perjury and claimed that their daughter was not in video. The 14 year old said it wasnt her in the damn sextape. Those are the mf reasons Kells isn’t in mf prison. Stop making this BS racial. How tf can the DA prosecute if the mf victim’s parents are protecting the mf? SMMFH

    • So if the parents abuse their own kids it’s ok? You wish. His crowds never look majority/half or quarter white. He knew not to mess with white underage girls. White pops would have been lynched him.

    • Diane is right! It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with popularity, money, and people allowing him to get away with it. Look into the case of Ian Watkins from the band Lost Prophets and the most deplorable stuff he done for years before anything was done to him. Let’s not forget about cases like Larry Nassar and even Catholic priests that got away with it for years too before anything was finally done to them. I do believe there’s an underlying issue, but it’s not about race. The problem is that we need to teach all people to speak out and much sooner before these sick individuals cause more harm and destroy more people’s lives. It doesn’t matter what race you are, where you come from, your gender, your sexual orientation, or even your financial status! All people must learn to speak their truths so these sick individuals will no longer feel they are above the law because of who they are or who we think they are.

    • +Goody4eyes Jones How do we know he haven’t done this to white women? Just because none have came forward doesn’t mean none were involved. A pervert sees no color

    • +Real Talk I feel the same Cus it’s not new news. So why is it being brought up as is it’s new? 🤔🤔🤔

    • sky hammer I never said I didn’t have compassions I also understand certain things that don’t add up . I have worked in the black community my community on behalf of missing black girls that families truly have no idea were they are theses stories are not being told at all . Were I come from this is called doing something strange for change I can’t give this must energy. It’s a small town in Berkeley MO were in the past 10 years over twenty black girls have come up missing families are struggling to get any help let’s be real this R Kelly saga is for entertainment purposes.

    • +Real Talk Gotcha 👌 Thanx for not getting offended and not cursing like most ppl on YouTube

    • Its good we can agree and disagree without calling each other names shows how adult everyone is

    • sky hammer No problem I just understand R Kelly is not the only person peeing on folks and tell them it’s raining 🌧☺️

  13. Why is everyone pretending they didint know what the hell was going on!!! There are so many guilty parties involved in this. Makes me sick.

    • same with weinstein….you telling me no one knew??oprah,obama,clintons and so on good friends and never heard nothing??come on…..celebs fake asf

  14. It’s not the black community it’s society over half of the US the legal age to consent is 16 There has always been men who like young women but as parents we teach our daughter and sons avoid situations that they can be taken advantage of. When 14 year old in the studio un supervised 17 year old traveling to other states the parents failed them.

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