Daniel Bryan Breaks Down Seeing His Daughter Watch Him Wrestle | Total Bellas | E!

The WWE Superstar's comeback at WrestleMania leaves him in tears of joy. See him get emotional with wifey Brie Bella on "Total Bellas".

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Daniel Bryan Breaks Down Seeing His Daughter Watch Him Wrestle | Total Bellas | E!


  1. Not only Bryan is a good wrestler but he is also a very good human being!!

  2. Hes seems very humble. He loves his wife and his daughter birdie with all his heart. He seems like a really good dad.

  3. I don’t want to compare….. buttt….Yooo why can’t cena be like this? And manage his schedule like Bryan does? Cena makes it sound like it’s impossible to have a family

    • Lizette Rosa Cena is an OCD freak and he loves his house more then he would love his kids probably like he’s a freak.

    • Well, either way if it’s not going to work out between them they shouldn’t be giving each other false hope. He did mentioned how he didn’t want kids. He came across like he only said yes to kids to stay with her. But who knows their true intention. Niki can come across like she keeps trying to change him. They don’t have time for each other. They should just move on. Like this is getting ridiculous

    • archaicdreamzz To make a fairer comparison Dwayne Johnson, who is also extremely busy, has a family. He has a growing family at that so I think it’s possible if it’s something you really want. Obviously it won’t be perfect but if you want to have a family with someone you can do it.

  4. Man Daniel Bryan makes me cry every time! I have a huge soft spot for him, Birdie, Brie and Nikkie

  5. Daniel has the biggest heart in the business in my opinion . This made me smile and cry.


  7. After hearing Daniel the Hippie Bryan say he came back for Birdie to watch him proves that those rumors of him not sure of signing a new contract are false. Daniel loves the WWE and he loves it when Birdie watches daddy wrestle so there is no way he is leaving WWE a show where his baby loves watching him in.

  8. Brie is the only bella without any dramas while nikki is about it all the time

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