The Grace Helbig Show | Jim Parsons and Miranda Sings Join Grace for “Whelp”! | E!

"The Big Bang Theory" star joins the YouTube sensations for a hilarious game! Watch the fun moments on "The Grace Helbig Show"!

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The Grace Helbig Show | Jim Parsons and Miranda Sings Join Grace for "Whelp"! | E!


  1. That was fun!  I loved the messages Miranda left of Jim’s instagram. She’s really helping his career.  Haahaa!  This is my favorite episode so far, but I love all of them.

  2. I wish you would post the entire episode.  It sucks for people that don’t have cable or live in a country that doesn’t play the show.  Since you block it so no one else can post it, it would be great if you posted every episode in it’s entirety.

    • +kidfromthehaven Yeah, I wish I could watch 🙁 Most networks let you log into your cable provider and then watch, so I use my dad’s login, but E doesn’t so I can’t watch the show 🙁

    • +Bonnie Jo you can get the app of the provider you have and it will let you watch all shows

    • That is not how television works. They out out little clips to get people to watch the whole thing next time. If they put out the whole thing online for free there would be no pommel for advertisers to pay for they show on tv and it would be cancelled very quickly. It is common sense.

  3. Miranda sounds a little more like colleen when she says “it could be anything”. And yes I know they’re the same person😂

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t think Miranda was the same…

  5. This was so boring, I’ll give the show one season before it gets cancelled.

  6. to be honest, i love the idea of integrating youtube stars into mainstream TV! i know TV has had success on youtube, so i think it’s great to this as a starting point for youtube to transition to TV

  7. Is it just me or does Jim Parsons look WAY cuter in normal clothes and hair like that? On the show they make him look so nerdy but he’s actually not bad looking at all. 💖ShoutOut From Spring Tx his hometown!💜

    • It’s TV. You can’t have ACTUAL ugly people. For instance, beautiful woman + glasses + ponytail = unpopular nerd who’s never had a boyfriend, in TV/movie land.

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