Daymond John says Olivia Jade’s Career Can Survive College Bribery Case | TMZ

We got the "Shark Tank" star out in NYC and asked the fashion mogul if he had any advice for Olivia Jade … Lori's daughter who got swallowed up in her mom and dad's federal grand jury indictment, which accused the couple of paying $500k in bribes to get Olivia and her sister into USC.


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    • Akeem Cox yo my guy you over 30 acting like you’re 8 years old. FOH and grow up

    • +Ted Angelo Boy! If you dont got nothing good to say; don’t say anything at all.

    • ​+Mario Lopez I’m not cynical, just hating a rich privileged teen who truly doesn’t appreciate the lavish life that’s been handed to her on a sliver platter doesn’t make you cynical. It makes you a good judge of character. Now go home and get your fucking shine box.

    • +Arthur Amson What’s disappointing is male adults throwing rocks at someone who really has no defence or any connection with you.
      Sorry I don’t admire individuals who pick easy targets to unjustly hate on without any valid facts and just because they feel like it.
      Yes you are entitled to your opinions even without any proper justifications.
      I find it cowardly and lack of any respect for the younger generation rich or poor.
      I have a niece who is about the same age and I certainly wouldn’t want her to be attacked just because of her parent’s alleged indiscretions.
      She is not responsible for her parent’s actions, so grow up if that rubs you the wrong way!

    • +Mario Lopez True, just jealous I guess. She’ll never have to struggle and I guess that’s not really her fault. She is kind of an airhead but that’s about it.

  1. Olivia jade needs to seek education (rightfully given) but her You Tube influencer dayz is a rap

  2. Forgive and move on, some of you savages need to stop acting like you saint. Ppl change! Second chances are given. So to all those acting like she killed someone, she didn’t she made mistakes, she will grow from this and be a better version of herself but to you savages giving her the death sentence, idk.. pray for your souls because if you don’t give mercy to those that have done wrong but willing to change… then y’all have no chance of changing your heartless ways.

    • Mistake? Burning popcorn in a microwave is a mistake. Bribery, forgery, and false applications? 😏

  3. It’s funny how all the parents are saying their kids didn’t know…. Such bullshit… So they miraculously got into these elite schools. What a disrespect to all the real hardworking students who truly make a difference in this world. These people are just sorry they got caught. They’ll probably get a slap on the hand and be happy with all the media attention. There’s no bad publicity…

    • I Rock If ur mom came to u and said u can enter college without doing anything wouldn’t u say yes? Even if they knew they’re kids and of course they’ll choose to do that

  4. She will be fine
    Life goes on and most people will forgive and forget as time passes

  5. She’s a rich white kid that comes from a famous family with connections throughout the industry. She’ll be better off than 99% of us.

  6. if i had to pick between r.kelly or lori going to jail, i would pick lori to go to jail

  7. LOVE This ~ many people in Govt scheming & working it for personal benefit – the U$ of ‘A’ Incorporated

  8. Of cooourse! A pretty lil *WHITE GIRL* has a 2nd chance at life & Hollywood. Even a 3rd, 4th & 5th chance for that matter.
    They can cuss their parents out and even get record deals & reality shows behind their bad behavior.
    *White privilege is a mutha fucka. Poor thing!*

    • Famous Nobody how is that white privilege? Sounds more like a money privilege to me

    • +Mike Valenti Money has nuthin to do with society forgiving & forgetting. Like I stated that girl Danielle got multiple deals bcuz of her fucked up attitude & being very disrespectful to her mom.
      That would neeeever happen with a Black child. The only thing OUR kids would get is threats.

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