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    • +Ruel you need an experiment to prove it scientifically. Thats a fact! And proofs are facts, facts are proofs. It’s like saying Liberty and freedom. Two different words that mean the same thing.
      Gravity is not a fact. Show me a experiment that proves gravity and that dose not come from a government(provin liers) source. And that it’s not mistaken for a density experiment.

    • +Deep FractalScience is not only experimentation, it’s observations as well. That being said, Cavendish proved gravity along time ago, in fact that experiment could be reproduced today given the right equipment and intellect.
      Is there any experiment that proves electromagnetism affects all matter and hence keeps them grounded?
      Is there any evidence that suggest the sun is small and local, if so them the entire law of perspective should be rewritten to suit that nonsense.
      I dare you to drop a metal ball and an apple (ie.different masses) from 10 feet, if Density (a scientific terminology for mass per unit volume btw) is a force and is responsible for the fall of objects then surely the ball would hit the ground first.

    • +Globe-fantasy Destroyer density and bouyancy dont work without gravity. they atleast ridicule you with better theory

  1. Flat earth society is most certainly controlled opposition. They put out weird info that people who truly know it is flat, simply do not believe. Also you wouldn’t fall off the edge because in the flat earth model, Antarctica completely surrounds the earth.

    • The flat earth north pole, is the centre of the flat earth. The distance to a latitude from the FE north pole, gives the circumference of that latitude.
      However in reality, the equator has the largest circumference of any latitude and the circumference of latitudes South of the equator decrease from the equator to the South pole.
      In reality, it’s about 20,000km from the North pole to the South pole. The circumference of a circle with such a radius, is about 125,000km. Hence, the circumference of the flat earth at 90° South would be about 125,000km.

      Try comparing what is expected on the flat earth, with what is experienced in reality. You’ll find why every flat earth model ever presented has been abandoned.

    • +Ron McCaffrey yes I understand what you’re saying. But you’d expect that discrepancy on a flat earth model. You could still apply the same system of coordinates but naturally the coordinates you get for a globe earth location wouldn’t be the same for coordinates of the same location on a flat earth map. It’s an arbitrary system that could be applied to an oblong shaped earth and you get different coordinates yet again.

      I think flat earthers should be more worried why magnetic north moves on a stationary, immovable earth.

  2. Well done TMZ marvellous gate keeping for the official occulted satanic narrative…. of course you must defend your paymasters…. after all it’s so real it looks fake…. Your time is coming don’t you worry.

  3. At this point, it’s either that the flat earthers realise their wrong but don’t want to admit it or their just straight up diagnosed with stupidity

    • Or we are the people spoken of in history. The changers. The awake… The illuminated ones…
      Be careful whom you speak so negative of little robot.

    • CrimSZon 1 or you just listen to tv and school and never did a science experiment in your life where I’ve always believed in globe earth my whole life but these flat earthers are doing their own science if like to see a globe earthers put out videos of their own science not what they were taught but their own diagrams and conclusions

    • Are you on the level…are you on the square ? Ask a mason….oh, they a sworn to secrecy …

  4. so by their logic all planets that we have observe are round but somehow the earth is not for some reason

    • +Sonny Whitt He’s not paranoid, but I believe you are. People who see their worldview threatened often resort to name calling and petty insults.

    • +Ruel You’d be surprised how many globe-earthers are the same. They don’t know what they know by research but indoctrination, even if it happens to be true.

    • +C U you do have a point there. With that being said, I must add that Science is not a religion as it is based on a body of knowledge gained from evidence as opposed to faith. It has the highest form of integrity of all other studies, so therefore, people ”could” take it as face value, or as is the case with conspiracy theorist, scrutinize the hell out of it, it will still stand.

    • +Ruel “Science is not religion”, agreed 100%. That said, religion can be _inspired_ by science. Since science deals with the discovery of the order in nature, it is a type of truth. There is another type of truth called revelation and this is related to the discovery of purpose, motivation, meaning and intent in nature. Faith is another word which we have been programmed to automatically associate with religion or philosophy. What faith really means is _to have trust in_ . For example I can have faith that if I apply the scientific method I will uncover the truth of the matter, free from personal bias, and this is a reasonable faith (ie it can be defended logically). So faith whether in God, or self, science or a spouse, or an idea, etc. can be based on the evidence, or it can be ‘blind’ faith- trusting in something without reasonable cause. So faith and science are not in opposition to each other, they are independent elements of thought.

  5. Beating a flat earth in a debate is like the Warriors beating a high school team

    • +tyler hawkins
      * I haven’t even taken sides. Which side do you think I’m on?
      * This makes no sense, since neither side in the debate is asking me to “do” anything.
      * Are you saying I should spend a significant amount of time reading about and evaluating the flat-earth conspiracy theory? What about the 9/11 hoax, lizard men, Freemasons, Illuminati, Princess Diana, etc? Do I have to familiarise myself with all those before you consider me worthy of joining the ranks of the free-thinking individuals? Life is too short to waste on appeasing internet trolls.
      * I may not have obsessed about the shape of the earth as much as some, but it doesn’t take much research to see that the flat-earth theory is full of holes. It doesn’t even explain (for example) why we observe the sun descending to the horizon. Unless you assume time zones are a lie – but I’ve travelled beyond my little corner of the earth and know time zones are a real thing. So while I haven’t been in this stuff deeply enough to have heard all the in-jokes, I have spent enough time (and have enough scientific education) to make an informed decision.

    • Captain they are there to throw people off government agency. Face so they make it look stupid so I always tell people not to follow them

  6. And now the Flat earther are saying Australia doesn’t exist, it’s a hoax and when you supposedly fly to Australia you actually land in New Zealand 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Mommy Peapie nobody who thinks the Earth is flat believes that that’s something the globalist elite came up with to try to discredit the truth and you know it people live in Australia how can it not exist dumbass

  7. Then explain why flat earthers think that if a planet was round, you would fall off, and there is obviously rovers on mars, NOT FALLING OFF!

  8. these TMZ “in office” videos are super cringey, everyone tries to look relaxed and natural but in reality they’re not at all. So much cringey forced laughter too. Ugh

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