Pete Buttigieg Not Counting Out Religious Voters Who Have Issues with Gays | TMZ

Mayor Pete Buttigieg thinks he can surprise a lot of people who believe it's impossible for him to successfully court super religious voters.


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  1. If the democrats pick this guy….he better be prepared to handle what the republicans are gonna throw at him.

    • Basically dig up something old and ask him about it every damn chance they get like they did Obama, Trump and every other president.

      Lmaoo it’s not even about who’s the best candidate anymore it’s about whose the least flawed, “morally” at least.

  2. Not a fan of how he pulled an MGK and made up fake beef with Pence to get attention.

  3. As long as he doesn’t ask about the trannies that went missing at my house party. My property, my business

  4. You mean the same evangelical “sin” cherry pickers who still voted for the adulterer/not one religious bone in his body having Trump

    • He does believe in God though. In the word of God you are taught that if you commit a sin it can be forgiven. So it doesn’t matter if one sins. What would be a more accurate statement is that certain Christians care more about a particular sin than another. And also just curious, what sins that President Trump did that you’re referring to?

    • Like some Christians care more about someone being gay than someone having premarital sex. They’re both considered sins in the eyes of God. And to my knowledge all sins are equal. But these Christians will have biases depending on the culture and Society they live in and the acceptance or lack thereof of another sin. American culture has been accepting of premarital sex since the 70s. American society has started being accepting of gays since the early to late 2000s. So a Christians biases are going to be different now than they would be if they are voting for somebody in 2050.

    • “nOboDy cArEs aBoUt hIm” tell that to the town that voted him in a mayor, or his husband who he’s been married to for about a year now, and all the online support he has. Try saying YOU dont care about him instead of “nobody”.

    • +v-QUANTUM-LEAP-v nobody cares about you either. Maybe you should run for mayor too.

  5. Very interesting to see what kinds of people watch and comment on the TMZ channel…

    • Amir A. You can keep your vote. That’s what free choice and democracy allow you to do. Millions other will vote for him.

  6. TMZ has to be the most crap gossip show. Harvest is a pos who manipulates to suit his prejudice narrative

  7. Notice how they are not talking about tiger woods winning, but as soon as something negative happens they will rip on him

  8. You’re not going to get them because nobody knows who you are and you’re a Democrat and not pro-life

  9. This guy is using his sexual preference to get into office. He’s definitely not gonna win.

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