Giuliana Rancic Emotionally Recalls Late Father-in-Law | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

Tyler Henry connects Giuliana with Bill Rancic's late father and she's in shock! See the emotional reading on "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry".

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Giuliana Rancic Emotionally Recalls Late Father-in-Law | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


  1. Why is this guy such a scam ? you could easily find this information on the internet.

    • Alla Serbinovich he never know who will he read until he meet the clients so no time for him to use the internet, and he really honest person when he met jim parson and he recognize him, he said to jim that he know jim’s father already dead and ever watched the episode where jim read by theresa the others medium.. So i think he is real..

    • Gita Avrilandy plus, she said none of this information is out there. I think he’s actually legit. There are some that are too vague and the people fill in blanks.

  2. I want Tyler to come to Oklahoma to see my stepdad we have someone who passed away my stepdads brother and never got to met him

  3. I’d want this guy to read me. Who’s not a celebrity and he wouldn’t know details about me that are easily found on the internet.

  4. If you listen.. she said no one knew about this, so how would he, you can’t google private personal unshared information!!! unless you have this gift and experience how it works you can’t say he’s fake, people always judge what they don’t understand or haven’t experienced..

  5. can you guys do his job………………………im dont think so stop!!!!! being haters

  6. This is stuff u hv talked about numerous times on your show, Juliana and bill so he didn’t tell u anything different.

  7. hi my fake psychic and I tell you what you already know and I will go on public record and look up family members that have passed away which you can get the basic cause of death for free. He’s a funny y’all sorry f.a.k.e

  8. you can never google hospital information in details . I’m telling this as a nursing student

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