Harvey Levin On Lori Loughlin’s Harsh Treatment From Prosecutors | TMZ NEWS

4 years?!


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  1. Keep in mind she allegedly wrote off the 500k as a charity donation on her tax return. Also there is good evidence she did enter into an agreement with another to break the law.

  2. Harvey, gtfo! Now break down the treatment of black women serving years for having their kids in different school zones.

    • iKr. ..Amazing! Amazing!
      Go back and review his post and commentary on Smollett.

      They’re so blatant with the Racial Discrimination.

  3. Duh? They’re being made an example of so others don’t pull this elitist B.S. in the future. Is that so hard to understand?

  4. They wouldn’t be in this situation if they didn’t try and buy their way into top universities. Don’t feel bad for them, sorry.

  5. Harvey just because your a millionaire and can understand why they did it. Dosent mean we care about your opinion. If this was anyone else with less fame and money 4 months wouldn’t be tmz news.

  6. Where is your video for the black women who went to prison with NO money involved? I must have missed that video about unfair treatment

  7. Lori Loughlin’s flagrant disregard for the law deserves harsh treatment. She even wore the smiley face jacket from Ted and Bill’s excellent adventure to court

  8. Their conduct was different Felicity payed for the SAT test and Lori bribed the school…..so it was different conduct

  9. Zero sympathy. Why didn’t she plead guilty like Huffman? The fact that she was trying to plead not guilty when she’s clearly done very wrong (regardless of her right to) means she again thought she:
    -could get out of trouble & that she deserves too
    -would get special treatment
    could get off even though she has clearly done wrong
    -could use her privileged position, money/lawyers to avoid the same consequences as the rest of the world.
    Now she has a legal right to do that & try to get out of it – but that doesn’t mean it is morally right.
    Remember this is a legal trial – but also a very public one too & tbh her name & reputation etc is what she should be much more concerned about – especially for the sake of her children & their future (even if the kids knew they were still young & she & her husband were the ones making the decisions, plotting & paying the $ etc).

    Plead guilty, apologise & donate $ to help students whose rightful place & opportunities she thought it within her rights to steal for her child.

    The law is not always fair… What would Harvey say if she got off? I bet he’d say the law is the law- not the law is wrong.

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