I Am Cait | Kris Jenner Reacts to Caitlyn’s Name Change | E!

Kris Jenner is in disbelief when Cait admits to changing her name and gender marker on her license and birth certificate. See Kris' reaction on "I Am Cait."


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I Am Cait | Kris Jenner Reacts to Caitlyn's Name Change | E!


  1. wow poor kris to find out that you that he changed his birth certificate??? like was their marriage ever legal and there girls would be considered out of wedlock???

    • yes it was legal and not about the kids, cnt change the past and there r documents for it. but it’s in the past and she wants to move forward with her life now.

    • Honestly I feel like Caitlyn jusss played with the Kardashian family bc like he could of came out as a transgender in 2010 or somewhere around there. It’s not fair to Kris especially bc she didn’t know that the man that she was married to wanted to be a woman. And on top of that is hard to accept the fact that the father of her kids doesn’t exactly exist like I’m not saying that he could been kept hidden but she had to think it true before transitioning into the person that she is now bc it can hurt rob Kim Kylie Khloe kourt and Kendall like that’s not right but if she feels like the way she handled this was correct then that’s on her I feel so bad for kris bc she still doesn’t know how to cope with this💔

    • Oh Waa waa waa cry a river B***h. give me a break. Kris can buy her a few new husbands w/ her millions

  2. i cant even imagine how kris feels. this is not a typical situation man. 20+ years being duped wow. I genuinely feel for her

  3. Caitlyn Jenner doesnt even act effeminate. just looks pretty. How could he get married 3 times and have multiple kids if he felt like a woman all his life? ….wow

  4. Kris is the real MVP. She straight up held a family meeting and told everyone that ratings were down and said, “Bruce, we’re going to need chop your balls off”

  5. “I’m spelling it with a C kris I’m sorry.”
    And that’s the real reason they divorced.

    • Honestly we don’t know what happened before the show. Bruce was ignored a lot by her and it took her kids to point it out

  6. I’m sure it’s very difficult for someone in Kris’s position and Kylie and Kendall, because in a way that person is gone. You have to almost mourn that person. And I’m sure it’s difficult. But hey, as long as shes happy that’s all that matters.

  7. Once he said he felt for a real woman, Kris because she gave birth to x children. He was a real man and a father for the Kardashians sisters. He gave away Kim on her wedding.
    He has a lot of children and I grandchildren. The pain and sadness people can feel. Unbelievable.

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