Jordyn Woods Causes Massive Scene with Paparazzi | TMZ

Jordyn Woods is reveling in her newly-heightened celebrity … drawing a gaggle of paparazzi and loving every minute of it.


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  1. She looks like she ain’t bothered by any of this but maybe shes just putting on front

    • Nah you see the video she posted about the red table talk. She just sat there like that.

    • She looks fucking amazing and wonderful and awesome and positive and fantastic fake my not

    • She has a very good support system. Her mom, who is also in the video is also very beautiful I must say. Then there’s Will and Jada and a host of others who care for her unconditionally. Believe me, she’s good.

  2. Clickbait again 😒but if she did, I couldnt blame her!…Paps do the most! Y’all passive aggressive af…and you know it

    • Frank Wess yeah I totally saw where you were coming from, no worries! I like how your mind works though, always question everything! The smartest people do☺️ Haha.

    • +Frank Wess I have to AGREE…it can be taken one way or another..but lets be HONEST….TMZ losely worded it intentionally to be a bit vague & even LEADING…I first thought was CLICKBAIT as well after watching it

    • +SilentSucubus* 1Life1Love thank you and people are act’n like I had absolutely no reason to think that way when like you said TMZ loosely words things on purpose.

    • Girl why u so feel sorry for kar-jenner for cheat sandel lol do you know kar-Jenner are sidechick with mutilating men 😂

  3. I guess I missed the part where she creates a “massive scene”???🤦🏻‍♀️

    • +SilentSucubus* 1Life1Love so you agree w the “triggered few” and yes…I hate when women turn on each other, and yes… the cheating male should be held w higher accountability

    • +Pam Beck you couldnt have said it any better…TMZ knows exactly how THEY want it to sound…Hell IG it gets the job done..we ARE all here chewing on this Celeb Drama..😂😂

    • +Valentina Worldwide yes I definitely see multiple sides..I don’t really think anyone can talk any kinda crap about how Jordan is handling the situation…she SHOULD be expected to capitalize off the PR and even the clout that she can get off it…the Kards basically do it EVERY DAY
      ..I mean their LIVES are on reality display…EVEN if they completely shape & stage every episode to CAPITALIZE the best it can….shoot momma Kris got 5 hungry females to keep satisfied…it would of been 6 if she would of kept Katelynn around 😂😂😂

    • +I got muscles on top of muscles nope that’s just khloe’s karma finally biting her back in butt for what she has done to other females.

    • +Robb Dark Tristan was out long months ago he definitely was not in any of them homes especially khloe

    • I got muscles on top of muscles She didn’t wreck a home though. They were already broken up, Khloe only felt betrayed because she was a friend of the family that Tristan kissed. If anything Lani Blair is the home wrecker. She is the girl who has been the side chick ever since that story broke lol she even still is with him til this day.

  4. Its about time the Kardashians put somebody black in the spot light because somebody black put them on 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂

    • +tinybrownin Ray j sure have to be too because the Internet sure can’t just talk of no one which is Queen of trixxx an thots u see d Internet is ppl it can’t do by it self so kim was there but no one notice her she was working under Paris hilton an Brandy but still back then no one mention kim or make her relevant so she hitch up a scheming plan with a melanin Ray j to sex an sneak it out there an blame him although Ray say she took ownership of the sex an the tape after an cal him to say she lost d tape an shortly after it was released an Ray name was every where because he was famous before the kartrashion curses hit him kim sex an release her own tape an blaming others an collecting $ $ $ because everyone knows sex sell it a booming business yes sex so that was kim k queen of whores plans an scheme but because of Ray j everyone was talking about her then no one care or mention kim k before although she was around Paris an others but y she choose a black D so much white neanderthal were with Paris she could pick one eeeww kim is relevant for sell sex that like attention an fame for all d wrong embarrassing disgraceful reasons smhh

    • +Mandrell Nowell if u ask a full blown white neanderthal what is jordyn the say black with no hesitation but other in urban areas an culture would want mix it up but look at jordyn woods father he is black an her mom sure is not white a little some is there but their hair is black features an their skin an so is other parts of their entire system one parent is not white an d other black no both her parents are black ppl

    • +Daniel Salvador yeah u called it biracial most of u called it that but this is a black an white world where white become privileged because of their generation most heinous crimes an money from those crimes allows them to live privileged lives an separate them self like the r better now but ask any neanderthal knows she is black without hesitation because whites r out there as the privileged one ruling shitt to them biracial is black it alawys been like that in America for black an white neanderthal if u not white like them u r black

    • DE baas BRANDTY biracial and mixed have the same meaning lol. It doesn’t mean mixed with black. End of story. Lmao

    • TB Youmans so sleep with a nba star and ride the hype train off the Kardashian’s??? Okay you women must think so different but call men animals

    • PriestlyToast39 X I don’t call men animals , and my post was not near the meaning of what your saying. I have no idea if that girl slept with that man. All I know is she is a young girl that was getting bullied, and she could of easily got stuck in a sunken place. She is young people make mistakes. They were not setting a good example for her. Khloe started a relationship with Tristan and he had a women and a whole baby on the way. There is enough broken families, especially black families. I felt like they were being hypocrites towards Jordan situation. Tyga-Chyna(Kylie) Kanye-Amber(Kim) French Montana-Trina(Khloe) gTrey Songs-Laura London( Khloe) just to name a few that we know of. When I said soak up game I mean by keeping it moving, not staying in the shadows, keep your head up, don’t go kill yourself.

    • PriestlyToast39 X we have two different views of Jordan apparently, cause I am not looking at her as a girl that slept with an NBA player, there is no proof of that.Nor am I looking at her as riding the hype train of the Kardashians. Your views of her lead you to read my post wrong. You should be sure of someone stance before assuming.

    • Yes she look happy with out Kylie she was looking more strain an drain as Kylie side piece now she look forward happy bouncy more sexy attractive fun loving an bless keep it up jordyn woods

    • Vanity loves probably is relieved she no longer has to voluntarily and involuntarily participate in any occult worship and rituals.

  5. Lol the result of this drama really just made ppl realize her beauty and makeup 😂

    • Cody Johnson sorry, but no. The Kardashian’s will be relevant till they stop breeding. Their kids are the next generation of Kardashian’s and so will their kids if they manage to keep it up. Jordy need to do something more drastic if she really wants to see the Kardashian’s go down.

    • Daniel Salvador who says the Kardashian’s kids will take after their parents rolls when they die no one knows but we can all hope the Kardashian’s go extinct!!

  6. This poor girl was being attacked by almost everyone. Thank God the Smith’s came to her rescue otherwise the kartrashians would’ve had eaten her alive.

    • +LupitaSin21 yes she can and I bet all the money she gonna have coming in she going to buy a big and better bed you best believe they plan back fired black Twitter told her off so bad she apologized the next day so let khole lay in hers because baby girl winning 😘💞

    • PARKER the Kardashian’s used to do it but once you reach a certain level of fame u don’t do it anymore. Every celeb does it until they’ve reached a certain status of fame

    • VA Savage she’s never got this much attention before. Of course she is going to be eating it up

    • God for jordyn she been in the background so long just for a bestie / wife do u now jordyn an be just humble

    • +Daniel Salvador Nah black people aren’t so into surgerys like the Kardashians and Cacusasian People. She looks Good why would she? Havent you heard Khloe want the look more like JORDYN 😂

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