Kris Jenner Opens Up About Struggles With Bruce | E! Entertainment

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star talks about possibly finding love again. Watch on "Beyond Candid With Giuliana."


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Kris Jenner Opens Up About Struggles With Bruce | E! Entertainment


    • I agree, she loves the spot light. It’s sad how kris desperately prefers fame over her marriage. Now that she doesn’t need bruce to support her kids, she’s leaving him.. I think she got with him for his money. She has never cared about bruce’s kids. She’s never tried to help his kids only hers. ..

    • +Queen_K Its an interview. Shes getting featured, on an interview, to talk about herself and her life. I didnt see anything narccistic in this interview, she seemed really humble, hopeful, and spoke with grace and elegance. People need to fess up and understand that people who are in the spotlight, are usually there for a reason. The hate seems to me. to stem from jealousy. Its always the “Why are THEY famous of all people?argument that always shows up. But idk. Lol. & also you created a opinion, that took what, 2 seconds to create, you saw the interview then thought what you thought, but your shortly formed interview criticized her whole, long life? Lmfao are you a human being. And the argument about psychology is kinda ridiculous cause the study of psychology stems from learning and studying other peoples actions and thoughts. Thats how you learn about there minds and behaviors, the study of psychology.

    • +Jon AGE Kunstadt she is a narcissist because she is grasping at straws trying to aesthetically compete with her daughters, when in fact she had her time in life, give this time to your children. As well as why can’t she EVER be by herself to decompress and focus on her children, instead of always moving to the “next best” thing, being in a relationship. She has a reputation of this. I remember when I read a book that Faye Resnick wrote about Nicole Simpson after her death, the Kardashians were irrelevant at the time. I had no idea of who Kris Jenner was although she was friends with these women. And in that book Nicole was not speaking to Kris because she was upset that Kris had left Robert her husband after she cheated on him. Soon after she then got together with Bruce once again instead of focusing on her young kids. Fast forward 23 years later she is now with this Corey guy, meanwhile Kylie is running amok because her mom can’t be alone because as she said, “being in love is the best feeling in the world”, all this reeks of narcissistic behavior. Also, you seem to have a very narrow mind if because a person has an opinion not in favor of yours, you label them “haters” or that they are “jealous”. Why can’t it just be that, they don’t particularly like that person for the reasons that they stated, or maybe it is a reflection on YOU and how you truly feel when you take up issues with people you don’t like?

  1. i mean, High School kids can’t handle a 3 month relationship. Imagine being married for 23 years. I believe some couples need a break from each other sometimes.

  2. I speak for a lot of people out here we dont get a dam, we are waiting for kim to get divorce again snd that is ok too, do what you have to do, we all care about rod your son take care

  3. I think everyone sees kris as a very self centered person, but I think she is a lot better than we think she is. At the end of the day, she’s just a mother that loves her kids. 🙂

  4. Shes pretty but shes fake.
    Shes going out with a guy who is younger than two of her daughters.

    I think that kris married young and shes now going through that mid life crisis. So going out with a younger guy doesnt matter as long as she has companionship.

    • +roxanneworld11 Right….So I didn’t know she had cancer…Did you read the rest of the comments in the same thread? 

    • Actually I have a bachelor’s of science, a bachelor’s in french, a masters in medical sciences and I’m getting my MD. Thank you for the comment. Stay in your lane.

    • +Zena Simmons It’s not necessary to list all that. Look if someone on youtube tells you to stay in school or whatever,….ignore it. I’ve been told that a million times too. Big deal. I only mention this to you because I relate to you in terms of career and assume you are thoughtful as well. Patients are going to undermine you, question you, look at you skeptically and that should actually be welcomed. What would you want your family to do when they walk through the doors of a physician, an essential stranger? You’d want them to retain their critical thinking and not just donate their brains aka reasoning to the physician, right? I am still learning to not take comments too personally on youtube, forums and in real life. It’s a huge mountain to surmount. Again, it will help you in your practice if you can take rude remarks with a smile or ignore them and congrats! 

  5. I m sad they broke up.They were together a long time.  Hut Bruce has a right to live his real self, and the kids are old enough,theres only so much sacrifice a parent owes his adult and not particularly impoverished children.

    Bruce is looking better and better IMO….I love the long hair…I liked him ever since he was that Olympian…

  6. if I were to ask kris a question it would be  you live with someone that long and didn’t see any signs of this   and why did she pick the house that he lived in in Malibu?

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