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When Kourtney admits her reasons for not attending her little sis' b-day bash, Kendall finds out there's a lot more to her party that she didn't know. For the hottest E! videos, subscribe here:

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Birthday Surprise | Keeping Up With the Kardashians | E!


  1. I don’t think that shes “unappreciative” it just that she already has a lot of nice things considering her family is really rich anyways so she just wants a regular party and she doesn’t a big fuss over it…

  2. I respect her for that for not being like yay Bahamas and just saying no I want basically a normal party like a normal girl

  3. She probably didn’t want to have it in the Bahamas because she wanted to have a normal party that all her friends could go to. Not all of their friends are rich like them. Also they have grown up pretty much filming they need something normal in their lives. Plus it’s her party she should have some say in where it is.

    • the school they went to was this ritzy high priced private school so a lot of her friends were probably really rich & anyways I think Kris wouldn’t mind paying for at least five or so friends to go.

      …but other than that i totally agree with you lol

  4. She’s not acting like a spoiled brat. She’s tired of her mom always making everything as big as possible. She just wanted a normal birthday party.

    • cali ann anyways she still isn’t a spoiled brat bc she is asking not to spend thousands of dollars to go Bahamas

  5. “You’re just handing it to me I dot want want it!” Here we see Kendall wanting to work for things, a normal party.. I love her

  6. Shes not being stuck up, shes just tired of having to make everything so big and such a big deal. I think she just wants to have like a small gathering for once, and thats y i love her so much

  7. Well that’s a first, a Kardashian family member who doesn’t want attention! Give this girl a round of applause!

  8. She wanted to do CHARITY WORK!! The first Kardashian that wants to MAKE AN ACTUAL difference. Give her a break💯

  9. I have to side with Kendall.. she may have everything, but think about it: how boring would life be if you’d seen all of its luxuries by the age of 9? It’s like buying extra lives or whatever on candy crush, if you cheat the system and get access to an unlimited amount of everything, the game gets too easy and you look for something else. This girl just wants a sense of self value, hence the high fashion. modeling career. Nobody else in her family has the ability or looks to achieve such a thing, it’s her own. it’s something to work hard towards and get better at. I respect her for trying to distance herself from riding Kim coattails, and it’s no simple matter. I know her modeling jobs probably came from her family’s connections, but they themselves are too short and squat to give her advice on runway modeling. they don’t do it. she learned that herself. I can’t imagine what it would be like to never be taken seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was suffering from some degree of depression.

    • +cfecfs317 i would respect her more if instead of getting a career off her looks like the rest of her family she went to med school and became a doctor or something

    • +ratherbenapping 10 I see what you mean. I just think if she did do med school or anything like that, it might be harder for someone like her to be taken seriously because of her family reputation and the scandal constantly surrounding them.

    • Beautylishous Why you dumbfuck because she’s unappreciative of the gift her mom wanted to give her? Your stupid comment doesn’t make sense. It’s like you’re jealous of rich people wanting to frolick in their riches.

  10. This just made me gain mad respect for Kendall. It’s amazing how with all of those people in her family she ended up being so different. She is my new favorite in this family and the only one that I can honestly say I respect and admire.

    • Or this whole situation could’ve been staged, because ya know there ain’t much reality in reality tv.

    • cubanita365 I ve always liked her because a lot of things that her family gives to her she doesn’t want it and it’s not bc she’s unappreciative but bc she wants to be a normal girl that works hard for what she gets. Maybe her friends talk about it at school. I know I’d be embarrassed, I might even have cancelled the party all together.

    • What she’s a brat there are other people that are dieing to have what she has she not trying to be normal she’s just a brat

  11. like notice how she gets mad when stuff gets easily handed down to her, she wants to work hard and stuff.

  12. This gave me mad mad respect for kendall. Kris said sometimes kendall feel guilty because she is so blessed, i just think that kendall thinking of the fact that others are less fortunate and using her birthday party to give to those less fortunate just says that off all 6 of her kids, she did it right with kendall.

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