KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Misses Doing “Boyish Things” With Caitlyn | E!

While talking with sister Kylie, Jenner confesses she misses doing adventurous things like dirt-biking with her dad. See the touching "Kardashians" moment.

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KUWTK | Kendall Jenner Misses Doing "Boyish Things" With Caitlyn | E!


  1. I love how Kendall is so natural and doesn’t need to always have makeup like her sisters. She’s my favorite one between her and Kylie mainly because she’s so down to earth and tries to act like a normal teenager instead of acting snobby because she’s famous and has money. #TeamKendall

  2. But Caitlyn has tried to go doing “boyish things” and every time her family and friends rejected her.

    • +Erin C That’s my point since you believe reality tv is fake or at least partially fake then why make sweeping judgments on their lives based on something that isn’t entirely true. 

    • AMONAVIS! No I don’t care what anyone says the way he did this whole transition or whatever was selfish and not right

    • she’s a bigger brat than most of the other sisters. people just say that because she hasn’t had obvious surgeries.

    • music kourtney is the only educated one since shes the only one who went college. But theyre all smart in their own way

    • chasemebaby but shes the most focused into her job as a model, she needs some time off because i think she gets too stressed over her job that its making her sane:/ just give Kendall some time to grow, shes still learning from her adulthood.

    • I agree, she’s definitely got makeup on but it’s pretty light depending on what you consider “light.” She did a tutorial before on herself and she used foudnetion, mascara, bronzer, a little eyeshadow and that was it really. She’s pretty, I’m personally into heavier makeup but she’s gorgeous!

    • The point is she looks like she isn’t wearing make up, which to me anyway that is the way it is supposed to look….

  3. It’s so sad these girls are forced to be so PC they can’t even cry and admit that they’re freaked and are hurting inside because they miss their dad. They can’t tell they truth because they were born in an environment where they have to live for public opinion. They’re gonna need therapy if they keep repressing to please the mass who won’t careless in a few years.

    • Goober Fries I agree 200% I actually had to stop watching, cause I cannot stand the absolute fakeness of it all. had any of them voiced their real opinions, they’d be labeled transphobic, & would of been scrutinized forever

    • +Sofia I feel like you wrote this to get a reaction. Find something better to do with your life please.

    • There’s a difference between being transphobic and grieving the loss of the person that existed pre-transition. I agree that if they were to say anything they would quickly be labeled transphobic, but a lot of people also need to understand that they aren’t upset because they’re transphobic and against a man transitioning to a woman. They’re just upset because to loved ones, it often does feel like they’re grieving the death of someone close to them. They might need therapy because it was difficult to deal with, but they won’t be traumatized by a transgender person, despite what has been insinuated

  4. I remember in the old episodes Bruce was always trying to do things with Kendall and Kylie and they always ditch and ignore him 😔 you never know what you have until it’s gone

  5. how ridiculously twisting and confusing is it to say the word dad and then referring to dad/she/her in the same breath. Eh, Just say *_BRUCELYN_* and be done👆😹 😨

  6. Kendall isn’t into makeup when she’s one of the most sought after young supermodels? Hmm…

    • what does her being a supermodel have to do with makeup. Supermodels still would in some cases wear less dramatic makeup than kylie or kim. Even if she does that’s her job. She’s talking about personal life etc

    • mistersirisaacnewton She said she isn’t into makeup as Kylie. That doesn’t mean she’s not into it. And you don’t have to love makeup to be the face of a brand. It’s more of a modelling job than makeup job

    • mistersirisaacnewton so? All these models go out without make up every single time yet most of them are faces of some makeup brand! Its their job, they dont have to be into makeup. she isn’t the only one. Stop hating and if you’re so persistent and wanna continue hating, at least stop being stupid at it.

    • Nicoya Reihaneh are you serious? kendall is wearing so much make up..the colours arent just as dramatic like kylies make up..

  7. “You’re super into makeup.” Um not to be mean but her face is a good 7 shades darker than her hand

    • She has one mother, Kris. It is weird though but with the camera’s around and PC brigade watching you would have to say “she”

  8. i love how kylie’s face is about 6 shades darker than her hand. you went a little heavy on the makeup hun

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