WAGS | Autumn Hits Back at Natalie Over Birthday Fireworks | E!

Sparks fly when Natalie confronts her friend over inappropriate behavior at her birthday party. Can the girls settle the tension? Find out on "WAGS."


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“WAGS” (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars) takes viewers on a wild ride into the lives of the hottest professional athletes from the perspective of the women who stand by their side. As part of an elite group, the WAGS are close friends who are bound together by unspoken rules and live the glamourous lifestyle in LA.

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WAGS | Autumn Hits Back at Natalie Over Birthday Fireworks | E!


  1. Autumn is such a HYPROCRITE ! but what do you expect when you go to church where they don’t teach about GOD but about the LOVE of MONEY which is IDOLATRY and teach FALSE DOCTRINES and ARE NOT TRULY BORN AGAIN, She is a christian in WORD BUT NOT IN DEEDS for she gets drunk, she CUSSES, her husband couldn’t get enough MONEY so they wanted to go somewhere else like MILLIONS of dollars is NOT ENOUGH for them ? Better TO GET a lower pay and NOT move then to have to change teams and MOVE from all of her friends but she says that she and her husband follows God but then she DRESSES like a PROSTITUTE and IS HANGING out with UNEQUALLY YOKED people WHICH ARE ALL SINS !! So you WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS !!! AND HER ACTIONS AND ATTITUDE is NOT CHRIST LIKE nor is the way that she treats people like she thinks that she is BETTER THAN THE GIRLFRIENDS !!! NO REPRESENTATION OF CHRIST AT ALL !!! I CAN’T STAND PEOPLE that profess to follow God but GOD JUST CALLS THEM A LIAR AND THE TRUTH AND CHRIST IS NOT IN THEM ! For the bible says, if you love the things of this world then YOU ARE A ENEMY OF CHRIST ! She acts NO DIFFERENT than a UNSAVED HEATHEN ! but for that other boyfriend to say that he is JESUS CHRIST ! WHAT BLASPHAMY !!!

  2. 1. it’s so weird to me that they’re wearing so much makeup when they’re going to bed lol.
    2. Stephanie looks so different on camera vs. on Instagram. Not nearly as good looking and that’s with makeup on.

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