KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Warns Family About Copying Her Christmas Decor | E!

Mrs. West thinks Kris and Kourtney are copying her vibe for the holidays–so, Kim's playing it close to the chest! See it on "A Very Kardashian Holiday".

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Warns Family About Copying Her Christmas Decor | E!


  1. These rich problems are so interesting to watch i swear 😂😂 Thats the entertainment guys, for ppl who wonder why we watch 💅🏽

  2. If I was Kims sister I would make sure the whole fam copies her just to piss her off. 😂😂

  3. And there are people who has no food to eat and they are fighting for copying each other

    • fabu10us thats the most pathetic quote ever, she doesn’t need flattery or other people validation lol

    • Wow she must be having problem bigger than us …….whole of america cant forget her video ,her daughter growing up and people teaching her not to respect mom because she gained popularity out of nothing…is that not a problem? Everyday she faces bullies who call her names why do you turn blindside just bcos of the bling. I hope god gives her strength to face bad people

  4. DEAR GOD….
    There’s people and kids Starving in other countries and all she can worry about is trees and decorations and ornaments and pricey pricey stuff that is just so disgusting

    • +Luce Lu she does a lot, she helps homeless people and gives massive donations to many charity organizations. And what have you done lately to help? If anything, besides complaining?

    • Awww Kim must be declared Saint😇I will talk with pope Francis.
      You guys must be tipe of people who build schools in Africa .
      Guess what 💩

    • I’m pretty sure she’s doing that for her children for them to have amazing experiences of Christmas.

    • Just because they are rich doesn’t mean they have to help. Why don’t you go do something instead of sitting in ur bedroom whining about how rich they are. You make the change yourself, no one will change if your irrelevant commentary.

  5. Kris:”What vibe are you going after?”
    Kourtney:”I’m going for my same vibe as last year.”
    Kim:” Well why don’t we not talk about our vibes ,that way no one can like steal a vibe”lol.

  6. I totally get where Kim is coming from. When you put effort and use your creativity to do something original, it sucks when people copy you. It’s hard to differentiate yourself when you’re part of big family which is why she is taking it all so personal. It’s not being petty, she legit feels like they’re threatening her sense of individuality.

  7. “If anyone copies me on this situation here”
    “What I already tagged those”
    “I already bought them all last week when I was here” 💀💀💀💀

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