KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Gets Vocal With Paparazzo | E!

Kim grabs frozen yogurt with her stepbrother and his wife on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians," but the paparazzi invade her privacy.

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Gets Vocal With Paparazzo | E!


  1. I think it’s interesting how that paparazzi got upset when he was being filmed considering it’s his job to do that to others. These celebrities should hire people to follow the paparazzi around all day and see how they like it. Also, why do they get to have their faces blurred?

    • StingingwithqueenC Legal reasons. You can’t reveal someone’s identity without their permission. But I totally agree.

    • StingingwithqueenC – I dont agree that they should have their faces blurred even though they are taking pics of her but I guess she has to blur their faces cause it is on personal property so she could
      Be threatened with a law suit, again I also dont agree

    • The show could get sued because some people don’t want to be filmed. It is illegal to take a photo or film someone without their permission

  2. I feel really bad for Kim, cause she’s really right, the paparazzi really need to give people their own privacy and own time. Kim always gets followed by paparazzi and she gets annoyed by that. I really hate paparazzi people.

  3. I’d go effing nuts if someone was banging on a window and trying to take pictures of me. That’s a nightmare..

    • LizzSimmer if I was the shop owner I’d call the police. Like you don’t have the right to be hitting my windows

    • LizzSimmer well then maybe she shouldn’t call them and tell them where she’s going.

    • +Barbara Boronda there you go, listening to rumors. And no celebrity does that, you’re just too stubborn to admit it. And I’m positive those are rumors, quit listening to people’s magazine. Unless they confirmed it then it’s a rumor.

    • It’s mainly for special occasions. It’s not places where Kim is getting ice cream with friends.

  4. If I were Kim in that moment I’d give the papparazi a peace sign, excluding the index finger

  5. Kim is successful she’s living her life she happy she’s not doing anything wrong she provides for her family plus she really pretty and she’s sweet you can’t take that away from her

    • +CityChristina AND ALSO, you can CLEARLY hear the cameras clicking, which means pictures are being taken, you don’t ALWAYS have to have flash on.

    • Do you even know how famous she is? Obviously she has to be ready for the paparazzi at any time, they practically stalk and harass her and her family everyday. It’s crazy!

    • John Nguyen empathize** and yeah (this was 2 years ago I’m just saying)

  6. I want frozen yogurt now. But seriously those paparazzi guys are annoying me. I have 0 tolerance for people who have no respect so I would’ve been screaming already

  7. If I were the owner or manager of that business, I would’ve told the paparazzi to leave or I’m calling the cops.

  8. that guy knocking on the glass was treating her as if she was an animal inside a tank .

  9. That man was such a hypocrite!! He said he can’t be filmed but here he is taking pictures of Kim and they blurred out his face!!!

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