KUWTK | Scott Disick’s Shocking Reaction to Baby No. 3 | E!

Is Scott Disick ready to be a father of three? See his surprising reaction when Kourtney reveals she's been pregnant for months!

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KUWTK | Scott Disick's Shocking Reaction to Baby No. 3 | E!


  1. I hate how guys have no idea how birth control works and thrusts 100% of the responsibility on the woman, if he really doesn’t want more kids he should’ve at least worn a condom or gotten the surgery.

  2. thats not fair to put more children into a situation where they are not completley wanted. Scott doesnt want a big family, there is nothing wrong with that!!

  3. She definitely tricked him. I mean he lost both of his parents within a few months of each other. Why would u wanna bring another kid into the world when he’s obviously trying to deal with his parents’ sudden death. She could of used birth control but she wanted more kids. I’d either leave her or tell her we need to get married.

  4. He got every right to be upset, 1 is because she refuses to marry him because she so called ‘don’t trust him’ 2nd she just cares about herself she wants a big family and he doesn’t and he told her that, and 3rd she always been a indecisive and controlling person in their relationship even though it takes two to make a baby she just said she figured she was pregnant around her birthday she should’ve talk to Scott and seen a doctor but she stay putting him in a position where he has no choice and no say! She wants a big family but no marriage I wouldn’t be surprised if they broke up!

    • lili66270 are you serious? He doesn’t want to marry her, never has. She’s done everything possible to hold him. The Kardashian’s would like everyone to believe the lie they’ve perpetuated that she left him and he wants to marry her. Such bs. Now she’s running around making a fool out of herself, laughable, dating young guys in their early 20’s, I would be so embarrassed, the guys were probably promised a career if they dated this woman near 40. She’s not fooling anyone! She’s trying to make him jealous but will never work! Now he’s in love with someone else and she’s hurting, desperate.

  5. I honestly don’t watch this show anymore but good lord, I hate to say it but I have to take sides with Scott here, She should have been on BC if she knew he didn’t want more kids. Yeah it may take two to tango but sometimes you cannot force a man to be a father if he doesn’t want to be, and this is why they will never get married because she makes decisions without his permission, it’s honestly a one sided deal here.

  6. Wait she won’t marry him…but she will have his kids???  There is a reason I don’t watch this show anymore…I just …I can’t! I don’t blame Scott at all for his reaction. Kourtney…girl GET YOUR LIFE!

    • Kourtney was NOT smart if she was smart she would have never let him impregnate her, having a child is a BIGGER commitment than marriage ever will be. This mindset is why there are so many broken families and single parents. too stupid to breed.Custody battles also cost $$$ morons.

  7. it’s quite a situation here, Scott deserves a Nobel prize for keeping up with this family, we can see how he really loves Kourtney and that’s why he takes so much crap everyday, I know he’s not a saint, but Kourtney is sucking the life out of him and I feel that one day he’s just gonna get tired and leave. poor kids. 

    • Oh puhlease.. kuwtk beginnings you can kinda of see how Scott wanted to be part of the show by using kourtney. He even got her pregnant to stay relevant on the show. Fame whores. But yes I watch reality TV 😅

    • +aaarb20 As it was said in the video, “It takes two to tango”. They both put each other through some crap, but they love each other and what is more important is that they love their kids.

  8. There was an episode where Scott wanted a vasectomy and he told khloe and khloe told kourtney. She thought it was wrong for him to do it without talking to her… Now kourtney happens to be pregnant without letting him know…

  9. “Shut the door I don’t want anyone in the hallway to hear this but I want it to be on camera for the world”

  10. Imagine the 3rd baby watching this…he’ll feel so unwanted plus since they’re broken up now, the 3rd kid will barely even know Scott

  11. I’m sorry but when you find out you’re pregnant you tell the person you’re with. You don’t hide it for weeks. I mean Scott needs to take responsibility but he didn’t even want kids in the first place and I seriously doubt he knew Kourtney’s intentions to get knocked up. Every Kardashian is obsessed with popping out more kids.

  12. Okay seriously it takes two to tango. His reaction irritates me. “You just keep suckering me into these kids”. Oh, I’m sorry, Scott – you must’ve just fallen into her? You must’ve had nothing to do with it at all. If you don’t want another kid, use protection. It’s not rocket science.

    • katherine harvey Child support! Are you kidding? What’s there to support? They both are millionaires. So why the need for support?

    • I have this great image of Kourtney waiting for a full moon, mixing up some witches potion and spiking his drink, then strapping a sedated Scott onto a pentagram and extracting his sperm whilst chanting fertility spells.

    • Exactly my thoughts! Kourtney doesn’t do birth control, she’s into everything being natural, so birth control is a big no no for her. Scott knows that.

      Scott also sounds like he’s on drugs here.

    • Jayme Wukmir I mean Scott didnt want all 3 fr they were all unplanned and he was depressed af during this time his parents just died like two months before this was filmed and knows he has issues he doesn’t want another child to think about when he spirals cause he knows he’s fucked up rn

  13. They keep spelling his name wrong. Ugh. Pisses me off. lt’s not Scott Disick! lt’s Scott *lsadick.*

  14. Lmao why would kourtney want the door shut? The Wohle World was gonna See this anyway xD

  15. A lot of people getting on Scott for saying “you keep suckering me into these kids”, but fail to realize scott specifically told her no more kids unless they get married. She turned down his proposal yet kept having kids with him…so I can see the frustration. And no I don’t think the third child will feel unloved if he see’s this- Scott was more upset about her shadiness than the actual baby!

  16. I’m going to have to agree with Scott on this one. Kourtney won’t marry him, kourtney didn’t even tell him she was pregnant, and kourtney knew Scott didn’t want more kids until they married. Plus he’s depressed. Kourtney is so selfish

    • And she’s packing as she tells him? Knowing his mental state she should of sat down and had a true eye to eye full attention conversation about the topic. But oh well

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