KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian Accidentally Snapchats From Friend’s Phone! | E!

The "KUWTK" star accidentally Snaps someone from her friend Simon Gebrelul's phone…only to then call them a whore! Watch the deleted scene!

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KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian Accidentally Snapchats From Friend's Phone! | E!


  1. Kourtney’s is looking great😍! Khloe’s enormous bum looks so disproportionate on her :((( sadly

    • Love Mac the butt to leg ratio is off. j-lo had a great butt, because her legs were thick and blended well with her butt. khloe’s looks off bc it’s just not natural.

    • shami shami maybe just breast implants, other than that kourtney’s the most eco girl lol in the kardashian family, a plastic free girl (except boob job which is popular even among teens) lol

  2. kourtney is living her best life😜😂🆗sis i see you ever since she got herself a new man she’s been such a happier person it’s a good look on her 😍

  3. Tristan friends seem hella off like it’s a force friendship with Khloe also khloe always ends up trying to be close to whoever she’s dating “ friends .” she did the exact same thing with French Montana crew

  4. Kourtney is so underrated, like you never hear her in any drama besides the drama with Scott, she has never done anything hoeish she’s an amazing mother, she may be boring but it’s better being boring then a hoe💁🏾‍♀️, also she has no filter like me I love her so much💗

    • your heavy for your height tbh…. Kourtney is normal . if you 4’11 to 5’1 you are supposed to be between 95-110

    • girl !!! have you heard of thrive? its amazzzziiiingg! it literally helps you gain or loose weight because it fills in all nutritional gaps you are lacking!

    • Brie Says Those salads are good af. The place they get them from have them in different sizes. Kinda expensive though.

  5. After Kim went overboard with the surgery , Kourtney is now the hottest sister !!!(; she’s gorgeous

    • daniel-Smokes-Kush TEXAS420 That’s so true.She has ALWAYS looked younger than Kim.Kourtney and Kylie are the HOTTEST, and Kendall is the most naturally beautiful.Kim and Khloe don’t count at this point.

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