Kylie Jenner Is The World’s Youngest BILLIONAIRE | TMZ TV

Just call her Bylie Benner!


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    • yea because she inherited a billion dollars right? because all rich kids become billionaires? because all of the other Kardashians/Jenners are billionaires? RIGHT

    • +Jackie Domingo Only the ones with a tv show and millions a dumb fans, exactly, She’s not self made dummy.

    • +Jackie Domingo look up “self made”. She didn’t come from nothing to succeed, she started off famous with a fan base, she can never be considered “self made”.

    • Are you saying that Forbes is as well? TMZ reports news that’s the job they have. Stop hating 😜

  1. She was born in a rich family.

    That’s not “self made”

    Sold millions of products.

    Simple because her name is on it.

    Congratulations what an amazing achievement lol

    I still love you Kylie

    • +Mary_J 5 that’s it. She being a billionare is not something to be proude of. And to be a role model for anyone. I only respect people who built something out of nothing.

    • 私の名前は。 girl bye hating on somebody success and gonna give u any let that bitterness go sis

    • 私の名前は。 Agreed, if it wasn’t for Kim K then she wouldn’t be as successful. Kim basically brought publicity to he Kardashian name and whoever else was in the family (Jenners). Sure she has millions of dollars now but it’s just because of her name and sister. Whoever looks up to her and thinks she’s a “self made” billionaire has a mental illness

  2. She might be the youngest billionaire but I think people not understanding the definition of “Self-made” lmao she isn’t self-made.

    • who gave her $1 Billionaire dollars? did she inherit it or she got it from starting a business?? Yes she was not poor but that does not take away her business decisions that led her to being a Billionaire.

    • +Jackie Domingo She isn’t self-made bro lmao you can’t call somebody self-made when they was born with a silver spoon. Her sister is KIM KARDISHAN who I believe has many connections to automatically set up business within a snap of a fingers and what’s even more funny Kylie’s products only sell most of the time because of who she is. Now let’s look at this point, say if she wasn’t born into a rich family but wasn’t completely poor and started her business. Do you really think she would be here now as the youngest billionaire? I highly doubt it. People only buy her stuff because of who she is and if wasn’t for her family being real big in the glam and beauty products then she wouldn’t got as far as she did.

    • +Your mom’s favorite bbc Lol yall wan’t to change the definition of self made because you’re jealous. Of course she had advantages that most people don’t have but she did not inherit anything close to $1 billion dollars therefore by definition she is self made.

    • +Andre Riter Trust me nobody hating just stating facts. How about talk about people success stories who came from nothing or a little bit to start with. You’re talking about a woman who was born in one of the richest family in America. Her sister is KIM KARDISHAN, so when Kylie did get her business started I bet she had instant contacts and knew exactly when and where to start her business because of her sister. How come other females who start from the bottom with no silver spoon takes years and years for their business to become a thing but she only did it in what 2 years? Not even that? Lmao that’s not self-made in my definition. I don’t praise people who has a starter kit in life.

  3. I wish I could get paid for nothing! Satan really does rule this world or this type of trash wouldn’t happen! My shows called keeping away from the Kardashians! There mom is the worst human being on this planet

  4. I hope one of these days it take off TMZ and all these celebrity shows and stuff like that our society has gone so f***** up worshipping these people they’re not even worked it there’s people died in different countries in their own country Dubai all countries all f***** up and we worship people that don’t even do nothing to help the country out or help each other out read listen to TV. Shows

  5. I don’t care what anybody says, Kris Jenner is a genius. An evil one, maybe, but a genius nonetheless.

  6. She’s broke the youngest billionaire record, not the youngest “self-made”billionaire record.

    Kim created the “Kardashian brand”, which, led to Kylie’s initial customer base and brand recognition, which for startup business is huge.

    Impressive, but not self made.

    • yess. No other 18/19 yr old could start a business as quickly, gain business partners as quickly, even if they went to the best business school in the world. And like you said her customer base and exposure all came from her family.

    • who gave her A BILLIONAIRE dollars? She became a Billionaire by starting a business that she owns. The other Kardashian/Jenners are not billionaires, they all have money from their TV shows and business.

    • If someones parent pay for their kids college and that kids becomes a Millionaire or Billionaire then according to you they are not self made either because they received help. She did not inherit $1b. Stop hating

    • Jackie Domingo

      1. Your analogy is unbelievably vague. Learn to articulate.

      2. If you mean if a person who makes a fortune during or after parents paying for college then yeah they’re not self-made either, there just successful.

      3. Self-made: made such by one’s own action, _especially_ having achieved or prominence by one’s owns efforts. Merriam-Webster dictionary.

      4. Just because she doesn’t inherit her wealth doesn’t mean she self made.

      5. Someone who has fairly rational criticism about a public figure isn’t a hater, they just have coherent points. Stop being dumb and sensitive.

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