Lea Michele Is Having a Baby Soon?! | LadyGang | E!

Becca & Keltie bring their IRL friend Lea Michele along to receive a professional tarot card reading. Is the "Glee" alum ready to have her first child? Watch!


What happens when you mix the “Girls Trip” sense of female community with juicy pop culture commentary, no-holds-barred celebrity interviews, and three equally gorgeous and hilarious LA ladies? You not only get a “Podcast of the Year” winner with over 22 million listens, but a phenomenon that graced People Magazine and made Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List.” Welcome to the LADYGANG, the TV show based on the podcast created by Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek.

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Lea Michele Is Having a Baby Soon?! | LadyGang | E!



  1. I need more of Lea Michele on this show lol 😂 she is so natural and I Love Tobinchele 💞💞

  2. wait Becca’s is for real I saw the chicks in the office interview with lady gang and I noticed her voice so of course I looked her up and I just happen to be watching Glee for the 100th time lol. Definitely going to keep watching !!

  3. When you have a guest the segment should be about the guest. This 40 seconds Lea, 50 Becca and the rest Keltie.

  4. Ya’ll take things to seriously!!!😂😂😂 some tarot cards say shes gonna have a baby soon then it must be true 🙄 for all we know she probably won’t have kids for another few years just cause some cards with some nice designs says shes gonna have a baby doesn’t mean its actually gonna happen.

  5. Who else clicked on this because they actually thought Lea Michele was pregnant,and this was her way of announcing it?

  6. I love Lea Michele so much, I had the biggest crush on her when I was seventeen and eighteen.

  7. *clickbait Lea is not having a baby, I actually read that she didn’t want a baby yet because it would “ruin” her career, I was about to copy and paste her quote lol.

    Also I kept thinking that looks like Kitty from glee, then I realized it is cus I knew her name is Becca, love the glee kids still hang out

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