Mally Mall Arrested After Raid for Human Trafficking & Exotic Animals | TMZ

Capt. Patrick Foy of CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife tells TMZ they've seized a Cotton-top Tamarin monkey from Mally's home. He says their investigation began 8-9 months ago when they started getting tips about photos of Mally with the monkey.


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  1. To Anyone reading this, know that success is coming this year, Hope our channel helps!!

    • Yeah, and if one of these illegal animals, exotic animals escaped and attacked your kid on the street, or gave your wife some disease you would be the first in line to sue the city. There is a reason why there are laws. And why arrest like these are made. So those idiots that own tigers or exotic animals that escape learn to not do it, so it does not eat your kid on the way to the 711. Or start some disease pandemic on your block.

    • Jesus Perez he’s talking about the excessive response … too many cops for a monkey bruh , don’t be slow

    • +dee
      Lmao, he got into his feelings too quick, and sent us straight to the classroom. I love him 🀣🀣

    • +dee Cops never know what they getting into. They always respond with the most extreme response they can. To ensure THEIR safety. Sometimes that means stuff like this. In hindsight it always looks excessive. And the response is not to the monkey, its to the boss man running the operation. I am reminded of that cop that just got stabbed in the neck when a few cops were trying to be SJW’s to not look bad in front of civilians with cams, when bringing down a criminal with a knife. They should have shot him 10x if need be, or taser him 5x. Instead criminal dude stabbed cop in the neck. And could have stabbed a civilian. And what if this dude came out with a machine gun to protect his monkey/exotic animals, or what if he had a tiger in there he let loose on the cops like in the Walking Dead? If you were working as a cop, and everyday was undecided if you were going to make it home to your fam, would you not respond like this as much as possible?? Would you like your boss to send you in alone to arrest someone, or to give a warrant? or would YOU like 5 of your cop budies with you, all armored up as much as possible any chance they could or when there was ANY doubt?

    • +Officer Orange cheetolini it’s called a joke as in LOL. And why would the police take video from the bushes? It’s Paparazzi but like I said it was just a joke because the cameraman is breathing heavy

  2. Swat was a little over kill but at least they didn’t kill anyone it’s LAPD they do that time to time.

    • Yep. Usually criminals, or idiots. Of all races. Not sweet kids on they way to their granny for applie pie like the fake-news always depicts drug dealers, knife wilders on PCP, or literal thug gang criminals that just assaulted an old man, like Mike Brown.

    • Jesus Perez but yet Dylan roof didn’t get killed and he was a crazed murderer…

    • Jesus Perez crazed mass murderers get Burger King and negotiations and people wanting to make them sound like they just had these wonderful lives and just went crazy out of nowhere

    • +shae moore Yeah. Dylan Roof didn’t get kill. Because he was not charging cops with a knife, or was not 300 pounds and resisting arrest. He kinda of went quietly. Besides, cops shoot more *whiteys* yearly than black men. Usually dumb, trash, or whitey criminals. Its just that the fake-news media cherry picks and hyper focuses on any cop that shoots a black man 24/7 for 2 months for ratings, and to herd the sheep. Even if that black man is a literal gangster, a criminal, just assaulted somebody, is armed, or literally waving knives at YOU and the cops. Of course, YOU and others never hear of all the whiteys that get shot. Because it does not make it to MSNBC or CNN, or not even make local front page in your city newspaper. Usually some last page story for a day in some local paper you never heard of and story is “cops shoots an armed suspect or criminal”. End of story. But when its a literal black criminal, literal animal gang member…who just happens to be black….well. fake-news knows lots of ratings in race baiting and herding the sheep who have actually been brainwashed to believe cops are the bad guys, while the literal criminals, or cartel members, or violent thugs, or illegal invaders are the “good guys”. Even if those criminals are usually doing the violence to innocent people in their own communities. Like this violent criminal that murdered Nipsey in broad daylight.

  3. They made it seem like they were raiding a known drug kingpin or something

    • Human trafficing is kinda horrific..if he’s capable of that then chances are hes capable of violence towards officers. Plus hes known to run with a heavy entourage


  4. Tmz y’all be having all the exclusive footage. They even got the Jussie Smollett tape. I heard it’s just a loop of a blank sidewalkπŸ˜‚

  5. Too bad Will Ferrell wasn’t the cop on megaphone! He would have escaped with the monkey.

  6. *lets give round of applause for this person that finally records horizontally*

  7. I swear mang, TMZ got every footage! I wouldn’t be surprise if they got Jesus Roaming through Jerusalem πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. All those officers, armored ice cream truck, and all they’re doing is yelling commands lol. They could of used one patrol car and one officer for that lol

    • Have*. And it’s called being ready, but someone stupid like you who can’t even spell right wouldn’t know anything about that

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