Pete Davidson Leaves Comedy Gig Becuase Of His Exes | TMZ TV

Pete Davidson is going to war with a comedy club owner because the guy referred to Kate Beckinsale and Ariana Grande while introducing Pete — however, the crowd seemed to turn on Pete.


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  1. This guy’s getting pretty cocky for some reason. He’s not very talented or funny

  2. Pete is a Emo kid that doesn’t wear black because he doesn’t want to expose himself

  3. Pete is a Fuckn’ *****!! He stayed at my Airbnb in LA and trashed it and I had to kick him out F that kid….

  4. This is horrible… The ONLY TIME. I hear a LEGITIMATE REASON not to mention someone in front of an ARTIST/PERFORMER!!! This Man already makes jokes about family in his LIFE (ex dad, died in 9/11) for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT! And know you want him to open up NEW bruises about his new ex Relationship?!?!? You know he wasn’t looking for Clout or fans when he keeps his relationships PRIVATE!!! All of these other male celebrities Cheating (ex Tristan Thompson and khloe kardashian) and you guys are MAD at PETE?!?!?! He is NOT pulling a MARIAH CAREY and just being a STUCK UP DIVA! He really cares still and respectful to not TRASH TALK or Gain ATTENTION From his Girlfriends!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU? A bunch of monsters.

  5. If Brand has been doing this for 30 years he should’ve known to get instructions directly from the source especially since he claims to have known Pete and his mother for years. He should’ve doubled checked the instructions, he should’ve known better. He messed up, unintentionally. But going on talk shows and making public statements will only make it worse. He needs to let it go.

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