R. Kelly’s Crying Act Fools No One, He’s Just Afraid of Prison, Says Sparkle | TMZ

Forget the Grammys, R. Kelly should be up for an Oscar after his over-the-top performance during Gayle King's interview … so says one of the first women to speak out about Kelly's alleged sexual abuse.


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  1. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that we’re all having a better day than R. Kelly.

  2. I agree with Sparkle! He definitely needs some discipline in his life to hold him accountable and make him feel some pain that he put these females through! They have to feel pain everyday and then maybe get him some help! Jail first definitely! 👍💯

  3. He’s about to get whats coming to him! Justice will be served after many years.

    • Xplicit Productionz sound like a hater to me🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Sparkle’s niece was the underage girl getting pissed in his sextape. She knew everything from the beginning and taken money for her silence

    • Khiry Johnson she didn’t take money the girls parents did. She snitched they said she was lying and it’s not their daughter

    • Jerrie berry its he say she say they don’t have no proof how old the first girl was and she older now an she’s not complaining. And the two new girls they really don’t have no proof. it’s all about money and police do not have no goddamn tape they will look like Jack asses when they got to produce the tape, it’s going to be the same tape from the first girl who ain’t complaining ( can you say double Jeopardy ) 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  4. She brought her Niece to R. Kelly, like the Parents let their Children spent the night with Michael Jackson. Psy-op please.

    • No-Sparkle did not bring her niece to R. Kelly. The parents of the Sparkle’s niece introduced her to R. Kelly. Do not blame it on Sparkle!

  5. She brought her niece around Kelly AFTER she knew about Aaliyha. Wow I think Sparkle needs to be in jail with R Kelly.

  6. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. All you sinless people want have any problems knocking on heavens door. Surly God will swing the doors open and welcome his sin free shepherds in.

    • morethanadimenet Some of those girls was 14 though. And why the hell would a adult wanna be with a 16 year old? You just as creepy as he is.

    • Dats a paddlin I may be but I’m not gonna act brand new for Socia media in the 90s and 80s everybody was f#%king under age girls, and some women like young boys. If your mama 36 and you 21 you do the math I guarantee the daddies was 19 or 20 🤡🤡🤡

    • morethanadimenet Uhhhhh FBI…I think theres someone you should take a look at 👀

    • Dats a paddlin yes your granddaddy, daddy and uncle’s 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  7. So can’t no one show any emotions to defend themselves? Really because he screamed? I’ll be screaming too.

  8. Same girl same tape in previous trial that’s double jeopardy, that tape is getting thrown out.

    • Your stupid, they can change the charge to anything other then the original charge and it wont be double jeopardy. Double jeopardy is the same charge for same case. Please get an education

    • Bdeye Bdeye they cant use that tape or his old allegations against him. Plain and simple. Now shut up.

  9. you didn’t want to be a part I’m surviving R Kelly but you did it you said your manager talk to you to do it no you did it to get your name back out here nobody haven’t heard from you since you work with R Kelly

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