“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Katch-Up S15, EP.7 | E!

Kylie gives birth to her & Travis Scott's daughter Stormi after hiding her pregnancy for months. Plus, Kourtney is forced to confront her animosity towards mama Kris.

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About Keeping Up With the Kardashians:
Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Katch-Up S15, EP.7 | E!


  1. Kylie did such and amazing job hiding her pregnancy. It’s amazing how such good mom Kylie turn out regardless of how negative people were.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Its called paying off people to keep quiet. When you have money, yes everything is Amazing in common peoples eyes. Wake up everyone!

    • She looks like a good momma in the pictures she post & all that. But I have always wondered if Kylie, Khloe, Kim even Cardi B since they all have these new babies if they be waking up at 2 or 4 AM when the baby wakes up because she’s hungry. Also I wonder if those nights that babies just cried all night & didn’t let u sleep if they have someone go get them so the momma can get he 8 hours of sleep & then take care of baby. What y’all think? I mean that’s usually what us parents who have no nannys handle things. What y’all think though?

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  2. I love how Kylie said she missed being pregnant. Even though she hid her pregnancy from the world, she got to experience life outside of the limelight. Everyone wondering if she was pregnant or not, yet she mangaged to keep her pregnancy private and enjoy it 💕

    • Bryan P the doctors are professionals. They can’t talk about any patient. Famous or not. Laws to protect us

    • Actually she said that the reason she missed the pregnancy was because she felt like she was never alone. Her baby was always with her and inside of her.

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    • people assumed she was pregnant but no one knew for sure she was until she confirmed it to everyone

    • If people already have an assumption then it’s not a secret. It’s a secret when she gave birth and no one conceived any idea that she was pregnant.

    • Alexandra Briebescas she didn’t tell the story press or the news, it was just people making her secret public when she wanted to keep it quiet. People should’ve actually let her have the secret she wanted

  3. Really? Kylie being pregnant was the best kept secret? Literally the entire world knew she was pregnant and that’s why she was hiding out. Bruce fighting to keep Caitlyn from the media was the best kept secret, these girls are just so full of themselves.

    • +Raisa yeah, you have a point, but I remember CNN posting an article saying Kylie was for sure preggers. I think if they didn’t have legit sources than it would of just been internet hearsay.

    • People assumed she was pregnant but no one really knew she was until Kylie confirmed it to everyone

    • kokolatte825 exactly it’s like their surgery rumours. Everyone knows they’ve had work done, they just haven’t confirmed it 😂

    • they’ve already told us some of their surgeries, kendall had her nose done, kylie had lip injections, etc.

  4. I guess people think having money in your childhood and everything you can ever want means happiness. Just because you gave her everything material wise doesn’t mean you were a great mother. Plus Khloe was the meanest ever to her mom before! Just because she changed now doesn’t mean she can come down on Kourtney. And Kris is insane to think that cheating on their dad didn’t effect Kourtneys childhood. Yes material things are great, but the therapist is right that betrayal changed one of her children. I wish she as a mom could see that. Yes, she shouldn’t be mean to her mom, however she never dealt with that anger and wasn’t allowed to.

    • People view their childhood differently, and people have different experiences. Like Kim khloe and kourt had different childhoods from each other because of their age and what they were able to understand even though they are siblings and lived together. Kris doesn’t know what kourt saw or understood so she can’t say she had a perfect childhood when she doesn’t know, kris can’t read minds and know how kourt felt as a child. For example she doesn’t know how much playing favoritism with her daughters affects the others, which is something kris does so obviously.

    • True. I remember read about the guy who Kris cheated on Rob. He says Kourt was the most affected, she even saw them together before her father knew. After the Kris and Rob divorce, they continue for a little while, and he remember that Kourt was the one who feel hard the separation, but Kim doesn’t, she look be fine at the time.
      I think if that is true, is obvious why Kourt is like that and Khloé can’t say that is her perception bc when their parents divorce Kourt was 13.

    • andreacast28 they said that Kourt wore all-black for I think three years? Or I think until Kris married Bruce. She was super emo that time.

    • And its strange that Kourtney is the only who really not doing anything, maybe that’s why she has issues with her mom too. Her mom basically made everyone else

  5. Khloe has such a big heart. She took in Gabana, Rob, etc…
    I hope she finds someone some day who takes good care of her. She deserves it for all that she’s been through.

    • +bittersweet_ _meg too bad so sad she took him while he was cheating on his girl as well karma attacked her just like how it will happen to Kylie

    • +First born unicorn she looks jealous of their pregnancies! She doesn’t smile, look pleased or talks about them! Being the eldest and had 3 pregnancies she should be really enthusiastic and excited. Her behaviour is really weird

  6. I don’t watch the show really, but it makes me sad that Kylie said she likes being pregnant, partly because she never felt alone. I can’t imagine being under the scrutiny that she has been under for most of her life. It must be really hard 🙁

    • +Sirenic Siren oh yeah I’m sure tell them too lose the millions and let’s see if they’re still the same too prove your point lmao it won’t that saying is bullshit it solves a lot of problems might not solve happiness but guarantee it would make many people happy

    • @extremedude1234 You must be living under a rock. Robin Williams was rich grew up wealthy and was on recorded saying that he had a very lonely childhood and often still stated in adulthood that he was lonely, even though he had a family. Jim Carrey was raised in poverty with a broken house hold, like a lot of us, yet it’s widely known he suffers from chronic depression. Tell me he doesn’t know what “our” struggles are or he wouldn’t feel the way he does.. you say it would make many people happy if they had a lot of money? Well a lot of those “normal” people that have won the lottery would tell you differently. Hell, look at the Kardashian’s own brother. He is far from being happy and also has stated how lonely he feels, even in a family as big as his. People like you think money would solve all you problems and the rich don’t know how hard you have it.
      Well guess what when you’re wealthy it comes with a whole set of other problem that you know absolutely nothing about.

    • Sirenic Siren 

      Agreed. External things like money/fame/designer goods can’t heal internal problems. It can offer you distractions and instant gratification, but it can never make you truly happy.
      Mental illness doesn’t discriminate.

    • If having money was the ultimate happiness then rich people would be the happiest people in the world but we all know they are the saddest. There’s only so much material satisfaction money can get you…

    • Shyyee Geena TMZ is usually correct. Hollywood life is the news outlet who literally
      Pulls stories out of their asses lmao

    • Tbh everything made sense, she didn’t post on insta anymore, didn’t go to any public events, was papped in baggy clothing, didn’t even take Christmas card photos with the rest of her family. We all knew lol.

    • Exactly lol they give themselves too much dam credit. Everybody knew she was pregnant when she went out of the spotlight. It was made pretty obvious she was pregnant, and rumors in Hollywood and from tmz are actually pretty accurate, that’s why they lead in blog culture, they’re good at what they do and what they report is most likely true, just exaggerated or minor details are wrong but it’s usually correct

  7. Kourtneys issues have always been obvious (to me) that it stems from her mom and dads issues.

    • Everyone has mommy and daddy issues but you dont victimized yourself out of it, especially as an adult with children. i cant stand people playing victim for every shitty attitude they have

    • Jacqueline..I think she harbors all of those feelings because she’s still part of some shitty cycle of bad behavior. That’s just my opinion. I don’t think throwing money or nice things at someone will make things change. You don’t pick favorites with children and it’s apparent in that family that’s the norm..

    • Khairunisa Daud…I don’t think the bad behavior from the mother stoped in childhood. There are real problems in that family..look at the son! I don’t doubt they all love each other, but I don’t think they all necessarily like one another. There are big resentment issues and a lot of on going strife in big families like that. Sometimes fighting with parents and siblings spans years or even decades. Not ideal though it happens.

    • Ann M  I’ve watched the show from the beginning and I’ve seen kris really try to understand kourtney and to be there for her, i don’t think kris has tried to bribe anyone with gifts or money but i thinks kris has tried everything to make kourtney feel better and help her overcome whatever is bothering her. it is also a two way street, kourtney hasn’t given kris a chance so its hard to help someone who’s closed minded and stubborn like kourtney

  8. I don’t think they realise the trauma Kris cheating has caused Kourtney, it’s really sad, they definitely need to go to therapy together and work on their relationship.

    • +Brittany Washington Right?! Kris believes that just because Kourtney was doted on she should be happy about her upbringing and happy in her present life. But Kourtney obviously suffered emotional trauma from her childhood when she was fully aware that her mom was cheating on her Rob Sr. Kourtney was extremely close to her father and loved him very deeply so to see him be betrayed like that left some emotional scars. Sad really.

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