KUWTK | Kris Jenner Wants to Gift Her BFF a Facelift | E!

The "Kardashians" matriarch consults Scott Disick about her plan to surprise close friend Sheila Kolker with plastic surgery. Does he think it's a good idea?

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KUWTK | Kris Jenner Wants to Gift Her BFF a Face Lift | E!


    • I think he would be right _if_ Sheila had never mentioned wanting to have it done. According to Kris, her friend has already wanted to have it done for years.

      I don’t think it’s necessarily offensive to gift it if they already expressed they wanted it. I’d be more concerned about pressuring them to get such a serious procedure done. If something goes wrong, they’ll resent her forever.

  1. Omg SCOTT!!! ‘Hey your face is getting old…’, ‘I don’t even like staring at Kim’😂😂❤🤣 give him his own show 🤣😂

  2. *she’s wanted to do this for years but it’s not just something she would do*

  3. I like Kim but imagine being that person who constantly points out their friends/family’s physical flaws. Kinda sad how superficial that is

    • We could honestly switch it around and say how superficial fans or the haters can be too. On the daily she’s getting told she’s ugly, or fat, or botched, or wearing too much makeup, or not enough makeup….maybe she’s molded into that kind of person because she’s under an extremely critical microscope every day for YEARS now and more years to come Idk just a guess

    • Stephen it’s weird that she does that yet she’s very insecure .. so she says and her family as well

    • Kross Raven That’s the price of fame honey and she chose this lifestyle. If she doesn’t want criticism why does she continue to post selfies on social media? She wants to point out other people’s flaws but don’t like it when other people point out hers? And why do people expect EVERYONE to like her because THEY do?

  4. The main reason Kim is like that is because she is so insecure yup I said it dont @ me! And Kourtney is the most interesting to look at!

  5. Omg Kim seems so annoying to be around , she’s too shallow and too much of a perfectionist.

    • Blueapril05 There is when all you’re doing is pointing out somebody’s flaw. What is the point of it? The only outcome is upsetting that person.

    • Faye Thats’ being Overly critical, not a perfectionist. Perfectionist stress themselves out, not everyone else.

    • +Blueapril05 No need to be brutally honest if nobody asked you for your opinion. If you’d criticise somebody’s nose and they’ve always been okay with their nose you put another insecurity in their head although nobody asked for your opinion anyway. No that’s not honest, that’s just insensitive and rude af.

    • She points out people’s flaws cause she is really insecure with herself to me, Kim is not a confident woman

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