KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Calls Caitlyn a “Liar” Over Her Book | E!

When Kim, Kourtney and Khloé find out Caitlyn lied about her dad saying O.J. was guilty in her book, Kim nearly flips out! See her reaction on "KUWTK."

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Calls Caitlyn a "Liar" Over Her Book | E!


  1. “If you talk about my dad I will cut you” then they both go quiet and just look at each other and smile 😂😂😂

  2. Its SO wierd to me how easily she just sees Caitlin as a woman and not Bruce like I dont think I would be able to do that after knowing someone that long

    • +Angeliquelovely if I hadn’t had to deal with what I dealt with this year my stance on having children would be different. If I had them and they came to me saying that they felt that they belonged or identified with the LGBTQ community..my love for them …my respect for them wouldn’t change..if anything my maternal instincts would be turned up a notch out of fear…as a minority the 🏳️‍🌈 lifestyle ; LGBTQ lifestyle isn’t accepted as much as with others …so of course I wouldn’t sway my children to ignore what they felt in their heart was true to who they are…however I would be doing them a disservice if I didn’t educate them…and make sure they took the proper safety measures and not just in their personal involvements

    • Stephanie M. Exactly I don’t know him personally but I still call him bruce.

    • HipLand Banana The only way you would be able to 100% tell is by actually feeling it in your hands, or looking at the label. You can’t tell just from a video of her wearing it, especially when there are no close shots. Clearly you aren’t up with fashion as high end, good quality faux fur is EXTREMELY convincing. I’m talking about the cheap stuff you’d find at Forever21. The faux fur high end designers are using is expensive and high quality, so it’s actually convincing.

    • Louisa H Exactly, which is why we shouldn’t be hating on her here and wishing she was skinned when we don’t even know for sure if she’s wearing 100% real fur.

    • unless they are going to be paid for it, it is not going to happen anytime soon. You can stop engaging with then, that is what they all care about. The fact that we are even commenting on their videos is earning them money. positive of negative feedback doesnt count. I would not be surprised if this exessive use of fur is a plot to make their audience react. Reaction=$

  3. What’s crazy though is in one of the episodes Kris talks about the OJ trial and she says you can see it all over Roberts face when they gave him a not guilty conviction he couldn’t believe it cuz he thought oj was guilty…weird

    • April morison I was saying the same thing in order to had that look of surprise on his face he had to think that OJ was guilty so there was some doubt there

    • Ray John Yeah but u have to understand that they were younger and they probably didn’t understand because RK had to defend oj so it was probably hard for them to tell by his facial expressions. But maybe I’m wrong.

    • I think, as OJ’s friend he wanted to believe he didn’t commit the crime, but deep down knew he was guilty. Thus the face when the not guilty verdict was read out.

    • Initially he really did believe OJ was innocent, it wasn’t until more evidence surfaced that he began to doubt his innocence and struggled to support OJ through the rest of the trial

  4. Y’all really mad about that fur 😂😂

    Caitlyn or whatever don’t need to talk about a dead person. Like wtf.. I really see the difference between her and Bruce . Caitlyn is truly a fake

  5. Bruce is probably telling the truth about Robert thinking he was guilty but I doubt he defended him to get back at Kris.

  6. What they’re failing to remember is they were kids at the time they don’t know what was said between two grown adults. The same way their kids don’t know everything that goes on in their lives

    • being a teen means nothing , no one is with their parents 24/7 they don’t know what conversation their dad had with Bruce at that time. Parents have private conversations all the time .

    • Their point is Caitlyn wrote something negative about their dead father to sell books and get in the limelight. Thoughtless and tacky.

  7. It’s so humorous that nobody likes Caitlyn. Not the family, not democrats, not republicans…


  8. Rob Kardashian did know OJ was guilty. He hid OJ’s duffel bag from the police and looked surprised when he was found not guilty.

  9. Well that’s obvious to everyone except Robert Kardashians kids! I mean I know no-one wants to think bad of their dad but that doesn’t change the fact that he stood by a murderer knowing he doubted him … caitlyn just being honest girls..

  10. These sisters are lying.. their father Robert did a sit down interview YEARS AFTER OJ trial saying he changed his mind about OJ.

    • True it’s crazy how much she’s changed on the inside and really sad. To talk about their dead father like that just horrible.

    • tbh bruce was a jerk, too. he was so jealous of kris, it’s obvious in the earlier seasons of kuwtk.

  11. They’re all sitting around talking about it so calmly in their monotone voices. They all sound like Kourtney now when they use to make fun of her for it.

    • It’s Tabaitha True, they really have the same voices now. If I listened to this with my eyes closed, I’d think that it’s one person speaking lol

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